Thursday, March 21, 2019

Pink Horror Daemons

Hi All!

Once again, something a little off the beaten path today.

This time it's some Pink Horrors from the Warhammer universe. I did up a batch of these for a few reasons. First, they're wonderfully weird miniatures, with lots of animation and tons of whacky things going on with their constantly morphing bodies - so lots of fun picking out the details with the brush and colour.

Secondly, I needed a few of these for our ongoing Dark Heresy RPG campaign. Next session the adventurers enter an ancient abandoned Imperator Titan and some of these guys pop in from the warp to make things interesting for the party. Weee!

Finally, one of these (his choice) will be going to Barks as a big thank you for being such a great minion in this year's Painting Challenge. Thanks Barks!

Thanks for dropping in folks!