Monday, March 1, 2021

Sarah Bella & Felix Redux

These figures provide the dismounted version of my previous 'Sarah Bella and Felix' post.

The provided pack had one motorcycle included, making it difficult to offer two complete versions of the dynamic duo. In comes Bob Murch, the owner/designer of Pulp Figures, to the rescue. He was kind enough to provide me with another bike so I could do up two complete sets. Thanks Bob, you're a scholar and a gentleman.

Felix, true to form, is seen bounding from the sidecar, ready to cause havoc, while Sarah has her trusty .45 out, covering her impulsive K9 companion. Here is the 1:1 reference model pictured in full flow.

I think the motorcycle and sidecar is the cat's pajamas. I'd love one of these in real life, with all the fixings; butch leather jacket, goggles and gauntlets (but probably not in asparagus green).

Next up: Some more Pig-Faced Orcs!

- Curt