Sunday, March 10, 2013

From PhilH: 28mm WWII German Infantry (45 points)

From Phil:
Probably my penultimate entry is the other half of the WWII Germans that I picked up recently. Nine Artizan Designs sculpts, this group toting an array of AT, which will worry my as-yet unassembled Sherman. They won't be used until I've had a few more games of Operation Squad and feel like testing the vehicles rules. Had a couple of niggles with these, one of them snapped at the heels and needed fixing and the I mangled his rifle barrel. An evening of swearing and pin-vice injury ensured. The chap firing a G43 also lost the end of his rifle but it looks too thin for me to repair.
Again I mixed the colours up across the batch and this time think the two shades of 'feldgrau' on the greatcoats came out really well. 
Also thought I'd send a group shot of the lot of them, including an officer that I painted last year (see top of post). Now they're all done, I'll grubby them all up, I though I want to get hold of some more materials first. 
Just one of them wearing a camo smock in the whole batch, which was good for my sanity. I tried a jazzy autumnal camo pattern and re-painted the one chap's white helmet cover the same. 

I can sympathize Phil. Pin vices and I have agreed to an amicable separation after a less than satisfactory relationship - I now go whole-hog with a lithium Dremel tool (digits be damned!). Excellent minis Phil! I agree with you in that you've really nailed some great shades for their field grey and they'll look even better with a bit of muck on their boots and coattails. 

These nine Heer will give Phil 45 points.

From SamuliS: 28mm Napoleonic French Skirmishers, British Artillery & Command (75 points)

From Samuli:
Here is my next batch of minis. 
Actually finished painting them quite a while ago, but only managed to get them based now.

A bit of a mixed bunch with some skirmishing Voltigeurs for my previous french battalion and reinforcements for my Brits in the form of a 6 pounder and a command base depicting General Pack.

Not a lot to say about them, the arty is Victrix and the rest Perry sculpts. 

Everything painted with Vallejo and finished with Army painter dip and basing stuff.
Don't be so blase, Samuli, these look brilliant! I'm usually not a big fan of the Victrix plastic artillery but you've done them proud with these. The British command stand is a particular favourite as well - makes me want to drag out my Naps for a game...

These lads will give Samuli 75 points. Well done! 

From ScottB: 28mm Horror Pulp Adventure Police Inspector (5 points)

From Scott:
A quick submission - After finishing the Goblins, I finished off the Empire of the Dead Police Inspector model I needed to head up my Police Faction. He's a 28mm figure from Westwinds Vampire Wars range, and fits perfectly in with the Empire of the Dead game.
One picture showing him in a rural background, the other venturing into the catacombs!
Great work Scott. I really like his bowler and the cobblestone base is a very nice touch as well. (He'd also make a very nice Watson, wouldn't he?)

The Police Inspector will give Scott 5 points.

From GregB: 28mm Colonial Sudan (70 points)

From Greg:
More Colonial Sudan stuff for this submission.  These are members of the 10th Hussars with sabres, 28mm figures from Perry Miniatures. 
The 10th Hussars fought in most of the major engagements of the early part of the Sudan campaign. They arrived in the Sudan with their uniforms from India, complete with parade spikes and fancy blue pants.

Also, another figure from the Perry twins' amazing 28mm Sudan Collection.  This is General Gerald Graham, commander of the British forces out of the port of Suakin on the Red Sea.  Graham had earned a VC in the Crimean War and served as a senior commander in the British intervention in Egypt.  In the Sudan he commanded the British forces based out of the port of Suakin and was one of the first to  lead British troops into battle with the Madhists.  

Graham primarily fought against wily slave-trader-turned-Madhist-leader Osman Digna. He defeated the Madhists at El-Teb and later in the near-disaster at Tamai. After Khartoum fell Graham was again in action, fighting major actions at Hashin and Tofrik.
So far my Sudan games have focused on the action around Suakin, so I thought Graham would be the right senior commander to paint first.  I hope to get to Wolseley and Stewart before the challenge expires, but we'll see...
Wow, what gorgeous work! I had the pleasure of sitting across from Greg while he was working on these and he makes it look so, so simple. I can't wait to lead these Hussars to their glorious destruction (it's really what I do best and I've heard you should stick to your strengths).

The 10th Hussars and Graham will give Greg 70 points, placing him well beyond his original Challenge target. Well done my friend!

From MilesR: 28mm ACW Artillery and Infantry (180 points)

Miles shows us what he's capable of if he has a few hours to spare...
I had a snow day in Maryland and put it to good use - painting mini's!
I managed to finish 2 more confederate gun crews and 2 rifled cannons (8 figs, 2 cannons) and another 24 figure Perry Plastics Confederate regiment.  
The one unique thing about all these figures is they were not started as of this morning (the plastic figures were still on the sprues).  There's a little clean up, but for me this is lightning fast painting.  

I've got to finish another 5 infantry regiments and 2 calvary ones before I'm done.
I think this puts me over my goal for this year and there may be a bit more down the road before the contest is over.
Jeez Louise Miles, that's 'lightning fast painting' by anyone's standards! Wow, fabulous work. 

These Rebs will give Miles 180 points, placing him above his first target and well on to his 'stretch goal'. Well done!

From ScottS: Ronin #40 (20 points)

Scott unveils Ronin #40 

I went for a fairly muted palette, with earthy armour colours and brighter colours on the mask.and plume.
The figure is by Westwind, based on a good old two pence coin with some Army Painter flock and tufts.

He looks fabulous Scott! I like what many of the Challengers have done with the yellow and red combination. I also really like the groundwork you've done with this fellow - very, very nice. I've enjoyed seeing the wide variety of manufacturers who offer 28mm Samurai. At first I feared that the availability of figures might be too restrictive but it seems that there are many options to choose from if you're willing to snoop around. 

Thanks very much Scott!

Ronin #40 will give Scott 20 points.

From IanW: 15mm and 6mm ECW and Napoleonics (187 points)

From Ian:

I did all these at the same time so I had a full desk
All the unbased are 15mm Museum Miniatures ECW for Matt. First up the four mounted dragoons that will be going on some of he bases with the dismounted guys for FOG:R then we have two lots of ten dismounted Dragoons all Royalist and are Robert Howard's regiment. The green turnback is pure conjecture but they were clothed in red. The trousers are of mixed colours as these often ended up being replaced faster than jackets or liberating from, well anybody.

The Cavalry are Sir Thomas Aston's Horse, another Oxford Army unit so I painted them with blue jackets as most of the Kings Oxford army seemed to be clothed in blue. I have done twelve of these. I really liked the guy with a pair of pistols so put a bit more detail on them. The cornet has an old Revo flag attached and seems over small especially as the guy is carrying an impossibly long and stupid flag pole he must have dug out of the ground! I did however have fun replicating it on the trumpeter's banner, all told I felt that came out well.

Next up? well that would be the same regiments but this time in 6mm by Baccus! This is a project that has stalled over the last six months so needed a bit of love. I got carried away and did enough dismounted Dragoons for two regiments so will change the facing on one lot at some point. I have yet to start Matt's guns and crews but have done two of mine to be going on with.

Sticking with 6mm I have also finished another Adler Napoleonic Command stand, all the pics were really bad so you get the best of a bad lot. It's just heavy fog and drizzle here day after day so no good pics.
I know I get points deducted for not basing (fine by me) but how about a base with no figures? Actually it has 20,000 6mm painted figures but all have cloaking devices switch on  ;-) Actually a test piece for the new style basing I will be doing for the Prussians.
Oh I also had a job interview and we discussed my 6mm painting of figures, how's that for style points? Now waiting to see if I get it which would be a godsend though when they asked when could I start I replied not till after the Painting Challenge ends on the 20th LOL.

Lovely work Ian. I think my favourite is the 6mm Napoleonic command stand - gorgeous work.

This group will give Ian 187 points. Best of luck with the new job prospect!