Sunday, March 10, 2013

From PhilH: 28mm WWII German Infantry (45 points)

From Phil:
Probably my penultimate entry is the other half of the WWII Germans that I picked up recently. Nine Artizan Designs sculpts, this group toting an array of AT, which will worry my as-yet unassembled Sherman. They won't be used until I've had a few more games of Operation Squad and feel like testing the vehicles rules. Had a couple of niggles with these, one of them snapped at the heels and needed fixing and the I mangled his rifle barrel. An evening of swearing and pin-vice injury ensured. The chap firing a G43 also lost the end of his rifle but it looks too thin for me to repair.
Again I mixed the colours up across the batch and this time think the two shades of 'feldgrau' on the greatcoats came out really well. 
Also thought I'd send a group shot of the lot of them, including an officer that I painted last year (see top of post). Now they're all done, I'll grubby them all up, I though I want to get hold of some more materials first. 
Just one of them wearing a camo smock in the whole batch, which was good for my sanity. I tried a jazzy autumnal camo pattern and re-painted the one chap's white helmet cover the same. 

I can sympathize Phil. Pin vices and I have agreed to an amicable separation after a less than satisfactory relationship - I now go whole-hog with a lithium Dremel tool (digits be damned!). Excellent minis Phil! I agree with you in that you've really nailed some great shades for their field grey and they'll look even better with a bit of muck on their boots and coattails. 

These nine Heer will give Phil 45 points.


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