Monday, February 13, 2012

From PhilH: 28mm Viking and Pulp Adventure Gestapo (30 points)

Phil gives us an eclectic mix of figures to enjoy with a Viking lord for SAGA and a group of nefarious Gestapo thugs for Pulp Adventure gaming.

The Viking is a 28mm Gripping Beast casting that will be a gift for his brother. Phil liked the fact that this middle-aged fellow is obviously a few pints of ale over svelte but still sports the ass-kicking attitude of his youth.

These 28mm Gestapo nasties are from Pulp Figures. I really like Phil's smooth shading of their uniforms - great colours and very evocative of film noir depicting that period.

All together this group of figures will give Phil 30 points. Really nice stuff, Phil!

From IanW: 20mm Roman Auxilia (120 points)

Ian sends us this great cohort of Roman Auxilia troops. 

These are 20mm HAT plastic models which caused Ian a bit of consternation on how to effectively glue them to the bases (the trusty hot glue gun won out in the end). 

Ian has done a brilliant job on these guys, especially the really dynamic unit composition and the hand-painted shields - bravo!

This group will give Ian a base of 96 points but I'm going to give him another 24 for the great work on the shields. Well done!

From KentG: 28mm & 15mm WWII Germans (218 points)

Greg is not the only one cracking on with the World War Two theme in two scales. Our Challenge Leader, Kent, sends us a great collection of 15mm and 28mm WWII German infantry in late-war dot pattern camouflage. Above is a group of twenty-six 15mm mortar teams, spotters and command that Kent has made up for an upcoming 'Flames of War' tournament. I believe these are all Battlefront castings.

Next up is a kampfgruppe of twenty-eight 28mm late-war Germans of various manufacturers and uniform types.

Kent has done a superb job with the camo here.

This combined batch will bring Kent a very tidy 218 points, and sees him break the 3K mark. Very impressive work!

From Curt: 28mm Napoleonic French Unit/Casualty Markers (45 points)

As promised, here are a few more Napoleonic French unit/casualty stands. Each of these will attach itself with a battalion to keep track of the unit name/organization and various status levels.

These are a mix of Foundry and Perry 28mm models.

I think for the next batch, in order to mix it up, I will incorporate musicians, some medicos and perhaps some looters.

For this group I'm going to give myself 45 points. Up soon will be my Norman archers (finally) and then on to something a bit different.