Tuesday, July 10, 2018

SAS / JTF2 Operators & Defender Series 1

A few more special forces operators to add to the collection, plus a venerable Land Rover Defender Series 1 for them to roll out in.

The figures are from the Empress Miniatures SAS range, though I think they'll stand in nicely for Canadian JTF2 as well. I've painted them in my (very rough) facsimile of the CADPAT AR (Arid Region) camo. 

I quite like these figures, especially the guys in the soft hats. The poses are perhaps not as dynamic as what Spectre offers, and their weapons are a bit beefy, but their overall look appeals to me. 

The Defender was a 3D print file that I found on Thingiverse (thanks UHStech3). I manipulated it slightly to get the scale closer to around 1/50. It still may be a touch big, but I'd rather that than having it too small.

After the print it was just a matter of a quick airbrush and some slapdash weathering to get it sorted for the tabletop.

Now it's ready for some hard-bitten mercs to pick up an arms shipment, or perhaps for a posh mom to get the dry cleaning and grab a quick cappuccino before collecting the kids from soccer.

Next up: Some more modern OPFOR