Sunday, March 27, 2011

From Curt: 28mm Foundry and Victrix French Voltigeurs

These eight fellows have been shuffled around my painting table for several weeks and so I thought it high time to get them done and ready for duty.

The four above are from Foundry (Perry sculpts) in 'mid-period' uniforms (ca. 1809).  I particularly like the guys with the high gaiters and tall plumes - quite smart looking.  I find that the GW 'Scorpion Green' really adds a bit of punch to the base-tone green, but you have to use it sparingly or it can get a little too bright.

The other four are Victrix plastics in the 1804-1807 uniform. As I've mentioned before these models are kinda fiddly to assemble, but the variety of poses and possible conversions are a huge bonus.  I'm going to add a couple more models to each of these two groups as I plan to have several batches, composed of six models each, to serve as skirmishing screens for my various battalions. They'll also come in handy for 'Sharp Practice'!