Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From JohnB: 30mm Old School Napoleonics, 2nd Battalion Vistula Legion (150 points)

John sends in his follow-up to his first entry, the 2nd Battalion of the Vistula Legion. Except for the officer, which is from Scruby, these are 30mm figures sculpted and cast by John.

As you can see John is not much of a documentarian and so I only have this one solitary photo to show you. Perhaps he can send along a few more shots to help decorate this post - hint, hint. In their absence I give you a few photos of John and his figures from a game we had in the backyard a few springs back. (These are 40mm mid-19th century models he had sculpted, cast and painted as well.) You can plainly see John's Italian roots with his hand gestures... 'Mama mia, how did you roll all of those sixes...?'

Like his last battalion, these eighteen willowy lads will give John 150 points to add to his score. Very nice work, John!

From MichaelF: 28mm Viking Warband III (50 points)

With this fine warband, his third to-date, Michael continues to build up his Viking force for SAGA.

The portly fellow up at the top is from Foundry, whereas the rest are a mix of Crusader and Gripping beast. All of these castings are 28mm.

Michael says he just has a half dozen archers left to do and then he'll start into some of the  'extras'. Sounds intriguing and I'm sure they'll be a feast for the eyes.

These boys will give Michael another 50 points to add to his total. Great job!