Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Product Review: 'Architects of War' 28mm 'Garden Kit'

I picked up a bunch of stuff from 'Architects of War' about a month ago and promised that I'd post the finished results as they came off the hobby table. Well, here's a charming little vegetable garden from them that I assembled and painted pretty much stock out of the box.

The vegetables, scarecrow, sack of weeds and water pale came as white metal bits, while the base is a single piece of resin. (There is also a hoe that I decided not to put in.) There was no warping in the resin and all of the white metal pieces were relatively clean. I did use a bit of Liquitex gel medium to fill in some of the gaps where the foliage is inserted into the base, but any gap-filling glue would do the trick as well.  Bernie from 'Architects of War' has great assembly and painting instructions on his website for each item which is a great help. The whole thing painted-up pretty fast as it has a deep defined texture for quick dry-brushing.

I embellished the base with some grass tufts and flock for a bit of added texture.  I particularly like the scarecrow and footprints in the soil - kinda whimsical. I think it'll be a nice addition to the table for skirmish gaming.