Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Terrain for the Table from 'Architects of War'

I had a bizarrely uncharacteristic, freakishly blazing desire to get some terrain pieces done - so I ran with the urge before I came to my senses.

I'm a big fan of the products from Architects of War. Their stuff is durable, characterful and very robust. I realize the cost of their kits are often at a premium, but I reason that good quality terrain is like 'a gift that keeps on giving' - once it's done it's always a treat to put on the table. So here are five items from their stock-list that I've managed to bash out over the past few weeks: 

a tobacco field,
'Wait, dude, is that, like, cannabis?' Now, talk about a terrain objective...
the water well,

I really wanted to put a tiny teddy bear laying on the lip of the well but Sarah said that was too dark, even for me.

a Dark Age stone hut,

'Don't get put off by the whole 'hut' thing. Rather, think of it as a minimalist starter home...'

two pink pigs in their poke,

Orville and Wilbur daydreaming of a world that hates bacon. 

and finally, a machine-gun emplacement.

From the pages of 'Better Holes & Trenches': the self composting MG nest.
This piece will come in handy for WWII skirmish games like 'Bolt Action', 'Chain of Command', etc.
Remove the top of the emplacement and you get a rather grisly knocked-out version. Yeesh!

To be frank I'm not completely cured of the terrain-making bug (well, it's more just assembling/painting), so I may have a few more items rolling off the table over the next little while.