Thursday, January 23, 2014

From LeeH: 6mm WWII British Armour (16 points)

From LeeH:
A little entry this time, but a necessary one. These Grants tanks and Deacon SPG's are needed for a game I'm running in a couple of weeks time. They replace some Sherman's in an 8th Army Heavy Tank Squadron that were not available at the time of the battle I am running. 
Painting 6mm tanks are pretty simple compared to 15mm and these took just a a couple of short sessions to finish off. Most of the time was spent waiting for earlier stages to dry before moving to the next bit!

The Grant Tanks for this company come in a platoon of three but I have painted a fourth to represent General 'Pip' Roberts in his HQ tank. Roberts is a Warrior and Higher Command Team and allows failed Company Moral Tests to be re-rolled... so he's a bit useful in a tight spot old chap!  
I love these little fellas. The are like 3D board-game chits, especially with the sleek rounded corners and neat labelling. I think they provide an excellent aesthetic.

These eight microscale vehicles will give Lee 16 points. Great work Mr. H! I look forward to seeing the upcoming game on your blog.

From JuanM: 28mm WSS French Officer, Chaos Dwarf & Otterburn Scots (50 points)

From Juan:
Another entry for "The Challenge". I have painted the "Crisis 2013" special figure that I was able to buy from a visitor. This is a very nice 28mm sculpted by Paul Hicks that I have painted as a Bourbon Field Officer on foot for the WSS.

Secondly, there is an old 28mm model from "Mirliton Miniatures", a Chaos Dwarf.

And finally, eight Scott foot soldiers for Otterburn. They are 28mm miniatures from "Claymore Castings" also sculpted by Paul Hicks.
Fantastic miniatures, really fine. I am painting a 24 models unit to use with their own ruleset, "The Hollow Crown" that I am adapting a bit.

Wonderful work Juan! My favourites are that WSS French officer (love the wig) and the Scots.  This entry makes my resolve waver on this Otterburn line - they are sooo nice!

This selection of miniatures will give Juan 50 points. Lovely stuff.

From BrendonW: 28mm War Machine Warjacks (40 points)

From Brendon:
These 2 big Plastic Warjacks for the War Machine game actually didn't take as long as some figures that are much smaller to complete. 
I think the scale of War Machine is 32mm Heroic. These steam and magic powered metal apes are around 70mm tall including the base. On these heavy metal beasts I wanted to emphasis the Metal as you can see. I started painting some pant chipping on the areas of colour but it was a much better result by using some torn foam from blister packaging that we all have in our hobby stash. 
I used the same basic colours as my Mantic Dwarf army and I might use these as stand ins for a 'Steel Behemoth' in 'Kings of War'. I have based them the same way as my Dwarfs with the interesting black stone and quartz mix. 
I have not played War Machine but it seems to have a bit of interest at my local club at the moment.

I can't profess to know anything about War Machine but these look very cool. I really like the exhaust ports (mufflers?) on the top of their chassis. I also really admire the chipping effect you've achieved from the torn foam - I'll have to remember that for future projects...

These two Warjacks will give Brendon 40 points. Great job!

From SteveM: 28mm Dark Age Scots (185 points)

Out of the mists Steve emerges with this wonderful warband of Dark Age Scots.

From Steve:
The long and probably forgotten SteveM lives. I have managed to cobble together this large SAGA Scot warband. They are painted for the guys over at WWPD podcast (assume for the saga tapestry segment)

It consists of figures to make up warlord x2, Thanes, heathguard, and warriors for the SAGA game system.

Having never painted this era before I had to do some research of paint schemes and colors.

They are painted in a variety of tartan patterns and colors and given some tattoos for flavor.

And to make each one different where there are multiple of some figures takes some planning.

Amazing work Steve. The variations in plaids you've done is wonderful yet the entire collection still retains a cohesive feel about it. Very, very nice indeed.

This fine collection of Dark Age Scots will give Steve 185 points, including a little more for the lovely plaids and tatoos. Welcome back to the roster Steve!

From ChristopherS: 28mm AWI Virginian Continental Infantry (76 points)

Christopher sends us this beautiful unit of AWI Virginia Continental infantry to feast our eyes upon.

From Christopher:
The unit is the 1st Virginia Continental Infantry Regiment and is a period that I've long worked on, but haven't done anything for in quite some time. It's been fun to come back to the AWI period and will likely feature a lot more in my project plans this year as I wish do some more gaming in it.

The uniform is their early uniform in hunting shirts (my favorite) with a red trim, before later adopting the blue coat and red turn backs. I don't believe American units were ever completely uniformed so I made changes to colors, hats and other things to reflect this, but at the same time I put most of them in a unifying light grayish off white color and gave them all a red trim (a distinctive trait of the regiment in fact) so as to avoid them looking like militia.
The figures are Perry miniatures which make a brilliant AWI range that just keeps getting better. The flag is from the very nice Flag of Wars range of AWI flags.

Simply gorgeous work Christopher. I really like these early units that were dressed in the hunting shirt as it provides such a marked contrast to their more formal red-coated opponents.

This fine unit will give Christopher 76 points.

From BenD: 15mm Vietnam War American Armour (45 points)

From Ben:
So I have finished my first platoon for my Vietnam project. I was really looking forward to painting these, the Sheridans just look awesome and the M113 box set is my first go at a Battlefront plastic box set.
The Sheridans were a lot of fun to paint with all the baggage on the back of the tanks, although the building the hatches with the .50cals was less fun....
The M113's were a lot easier to put together (which being plastic makes sense!). I must say the kit is great, it goes together really easily and the amount of options in there is amazing. I may have to pick up a few more sets to round out all the other options from the book.
Overall I'm very happy with how those turned out and I can't wait to get them on the gaming table zooming around blasting NVA with their Beehive ammo.
Next up for Vietnam will be some Infantry then the fun of the Helicopters, but first I might have to finally get around to doing the last few Soviets I need for Corrivalry.

Thanks for looking and until next time

Wow, you've done a great job on these vehicles Ben! The M113s are very nice but those Sheridans are such wonderful models. I particularly like that they're festooned with extra stowage as it gives them a more lived-in, vehicles-on-campaign look. 

These seven vehicles will give Ben 45 points.