Sunday, March 3, 2013

From NicolasC: Ronin #30 (20 points)

From Nicolas:
Here is Ronin #30. I didn't have a samuraï in stock when the Challenge popped up, so I had to browse a few manufacturers on the web to find a figure that would suite both the purpose and my taste. Yet, I didn't hesitate very long to pick this Reaper Miniatures interpretation of a Ronin. Okay, this is a 32 mm model, but I thought it would do the job. Let say this ronin will be the tall guy among the crowd. And Curt, we both know what it feels to be the tall guy…

Now, the way I would paint this figure was not very clear to me until I received it. But, once I had it in hand, the propinquity of this model with the two prominent characters that have shaped my understanding of the concept of ronin really stroke my mind. In fact, this figure proved to be the perfect illustration for both Ronin Kogaretsu, the hero of a rather fascinating Franco-Belgian Comics (13 episodes so far), and the nontheless fascinating (and Rock n’ Roll) villain of the movie Samuraï Fiction: Ronin Kazamatsuri. I don’t think that the adventures of Kogaretsu have been transalted to English, although… But I am pretty confident you can find the movie quite easily. I actually advise anyone who has interest for the Chambara movie style to watch it: it's a quite cool reassessment of the genre.

So, it has suddenly become all clear that Ronin # 30 would dress in black. What wasn’t so clear to me though, was how I would paint a nice black dress, since, as we all know, black is among the hardest tone to render… After a deep breathe, I went with the option of experimenting new things, and tried to see how well my brush could respond to John de Terre-Neuve’s approach. Well, not clearly his technic, rather what I understood of it: some sort of semi grey-scale chiorusco slowly darkend by layers of a very diluted mix of dark-grey and orange, and washes of GW blue ink after washes of AP Dark Tone.

To be honest, I am not so pleased with the result. But I thought that I would mess it up if I would try anything more to make it better. Also, I had never painted asian skin tone before. Therefor, I went with what Army Painter recommends, i.e. a mix of AP Desert Yellow and AP Skeleton Bone. Here again, you might feel he looks a little sick… Not to mention that each time I give a Matt Varnish coat with the brush it ends up looking shiny… Well… Hell is paved with good intentions. I Hope you’ll like this ronin anyway.

I dunno Nicolas, he looks pretty darn awesome to me. I really like your choice of muted tones for the figure - its seems appropos. (I've not heard of 'Samurai Fiction' but will definitely try to track it down as it sounds quite interesting.)

Ronin #30 will give Nicolas 20 points. Well done Nico and thank you very much! 

From JamesB: 28mm Seven Years War & French and Indian Wars (495 points)

From James:

Long time since my last entry, in between looking after my wife pre-op and a weeks holiday post op I did manage to pick up a brush for an hour or two. I offer you my next entry 3 units of SYW French Cav, these are all painted as Heavy Cav as I hoped the off white uniform with red cuffs is a great look. Of the 3 units 2 are Front Rank, again great sculpts. The third unit are Crusader miniatures my first painted from them, I have 3 units of Infantry to paint next from them. 

The next lot you should all recognize as this is the forth unit of Foundry Hussars I have painted during the challenge, these are painted the same as the last lot of Hussars in blue and red.

Back to the F&IW for the next lot I have 8 more civies and 12 Canadian Militia - French Irregular troops from Galloping Major. I took a few figures with me to Norfolk to paint and the last lot of figures are the result 7 Forest Indians from Conquest.

I am well on target for my par score and I want to see how far passed the 3000. Hopefully that will give me my par target for next year. Next on my painting table is 2 units of Grenadiers and a unit of Musketeers plus 12 French light troops.

Fabulous work James! Wow, three unit of cavalry PLUS a passel of foot figures!? Simply amazing.

This impressive collection will give James 495 points. Again, astonishing work.

From Burkhard: 28mm Napoleonic Prussian Infantry (180 points)

From Burkhard:

Here is my next entry for the painting challenge. The Prussian Westpreussisches Grenadierbattalion for my Möckern (Völkerschlacht of Leipzig) project. All minis are Calpe in 28mm (with the exception of the French casualty on the skirmisher base, which is a Perry plastic). 

I have to admit, that while this is not the largest Napoleonic unit I ever painted, this is the largest I painted in one go (as opposed to small batches) and this was a huge mistake. When painting every single colour takes at least an hour, you start to loose interest somewhere along the route. Anyway... they are now finished and I am happy with the results. But as a result the next things on my table are smaller batches. Already finished four Austrian Jäger (they are awaiting their varnish and basing) and next on my table are Prussian and French officers.
I have been painting units from von Yorck´s advance guard at Leipzig for some time now, but this is the first regular unit with a flag for me. All the others have either been Landwehr and Reserves with non-regulation flags, or Schützen and Fuisiliere without any. It is strange what a change something like a different type of flag can be, but it really was for me when done. Together with the posh (at least for Prussian standards) grenadier uniforms, it was a real joy to see them done. I hope they will do me proud on the table.
Cripes, that is a lovely unit of Naps Burkhard. I do feel your pain about slowly chewing through a huge unit of figures. For me I find large cavalry units to be my bane as they seem to take forever to get them done. Often small bites work the best. Nonetheless, you can now enjoy the fruits of your labour. These Prussian lads can now bravely go meet their fate on the game table.

This battalion with its screen of skirmishers will give Burkhard 180 points. Well done!

From SteveM: 15mm WWII German Stugs & V1 Rockets (145 points)

From Steve:

These are from the Open Fire starter set. 15mm Flames of War painted up for the Battlefront Rangers program and demo we did yesterday. 

It is only part of the box set as another person was providing the Allied forces but I think these ones are the cool part. :) 

It comes with 1x v1 flying bomb but I picked up a couple more so I can make a flying bomb site scenario.

The ground work is done up for heavy city fighting with lots of debris. Broken walls, dust, burned out parts, etc.

This is super work Steve. While the Stugs, PAKs and infantry are great those V1s on their launch rails are the bomb. Literally. 

This submission will give Steve 145 points.