Saturday, March 19, 2022

'Dimitri' the River Troll

For the past month or so I've been running a Warhammer Fantasy Role Play campaign with our local group (including the Lady Sarah). For this past Friday's session I needed a River Troll to use for a planned ambush on the party while they were travelling by river barge. 

It was last Wednesday when I came up with the scenario, so I needed to source a troll model, or use something as proxy, which I really wished to avoid. Sure, I could have used one of my LotR trolls, but I find they are too gritty and 'realistic' for the Warhammer setting (if that makes any sense) and besides, they don't have an aquatic look to them. No, I wanted something a little more high fantasy if possible, so I looked to see if there was something suitable on MyMiniFactory.

Bingo! I found this chap digitally sculpted my Onmioji who fit the bill nicely, and, as an added bonus, it was offered as a free download. How sweet is that?! Big kudos to the sculptor! I've called him 'Dimitri'. :)

I quickly printed it off and managed to get him painted after work Friday, before our scheduled session in the evening. Again, Contrast paints came to the fore, with lots of wet blending using Contrast Medium. Super quick and sloppy, but it worked well for this guy. For his fish takeout I used some of the Colourshift paints from Greenstuff World to give its scales a bit of a shimmering quality.

He was duly chopped into bits in the game, but not after giving the party a nasty start, and even managed to vomit on a few characters for an extra bit of fun. It was like a good night out at the pub!

Thanks for popping in!

- Curt