Saturday, March 2, 2024

Figures for 'Forbidden Psalm' and 'Kill. Sample. Process.'

Hey there!

Though I've been a little quiet of late I've not neglected my brushes entirely - like Bilbo with toast and butter, I'm just spread too thinly over too many projects (typical). 

While translating all this distraction into completed work has been a bit of a struggle, I do have a few things to show for my efforts with this small group of fantasy figures that I did up for a recent 'Forbidden Psalm' game, and a rather odd pantalooned chap for the sci-fi rules, 'Kill. Sample. Process.'

Morka Porkas are fairly common beasties in both 'Mork Borg' and 'Forbidden Psalm'. I find them kind of hilarious and thought I'd do up a few for a recent game with the guys.

While they are rather ferocious, they can be tamed, but at a steep price. A 'lost limb condition' typically sets you up with one of these cuddly fellas as a steed. Most find it's just easier to simply climb a tall tree and let them rumble past. 3d prints from Tytan Troll Miniatures.

This big chap is 'The Feasting Wendigo', another wandering horror for 'Forbidden Psalm'. 

The original 50mm print was a little small for my tastes, so I have him here as a much more imposing 85mm. Design from Yasashi Kyojin Studio.

Finally, here is a super characterful mini from Knucklebone Miniatures. He'll be a member of my crew for 'Kill. Sample. Process.' which is the sci-fi version of 'Forbidden Psalm'. His cube head cracks me up and I really like the various textures and surfaces of his clothes, cybernetics and gear. Very fun to paint.

That being said, he's been sitting on my hobby desk for the past few months while I pondered on how to paint him. Inspiration finally came to me at work the other day when I saw a colour test pattern on a video editing machine. Bingo. 

I'm calling him 'NoSignal'.