Thursday, December 29, 2011

From TimB: 28mm Ancient Greek Psiloi (15 points)

Since Kent's charge to the lead Tim is having to take time to dig deep. In the meantime he sends in this stand of Ancient Greek spearmen.

These are 28mm Crusader miniatures. Tim is using them for his DBA Greeks acting as Psiloi. Man, I really like the varied groundwork Tim has done for these guys. Excellent stuff!

This group will give Tim 15 points.

Next for Tim will be more early-war Great War British and then on to Greek hoplites.

From PhilH: 28mm Spanish Clergyman with Pistol (5 points)

Phil couldn't take watching the growing spread in points so when he got back from Christmas holidays he knew he had to get something in sooner rather than later.  So, acting as a vanguard for his upcoming stuff, here is a Spanish clergyman about to give his sacrament with the aid of a dragoon pistol (!).

This is a 28mm Perry Miniature casting from their Carlist Wars range. Most of the Spanish civilians and clergy from that range could easily be used for Peninsular War Spanish guerillas  - check them out as they are pretty awesome models. Well done Phil! He's now trying to think of a name for him. There was that Irish priest, Reverend Patrick Curtis from the Sharpe novels and we do have a Juan Mancheno in our merry band of painters...

This will put Phil on the board with 5 points. Welcome aboard, Phil!

From GregB: 1:285 Syrian T55s

My good friend Greg from Winnipeg has sent in these five T55s that he's painted up as Syrians. They are part of an upcoming Yom Kippur War project he's working on - see here for a small game we had last summer.

These tanks are from the superb range of GHQ 1/285 Micro Armour castings.

These will debute Greg on the scoreboard with 5 points.

I know that there is a 28mm Austrian Napoleonic battalion cresting the horizon so stay tuned for that.

From JuanM: French and Indian Wars Huron Scout 'Magua' (5 points)

Juan keeps to his French and Indian Wars theme with this excellent figure modelled after 'Magua' from Last of the Mohicans. (One of the most kick-ass 'villains' in film in my opinion.)

This is a 28mm Conquest Miniature sculpt which really is superb in its animation and detail.

Juan has done a great job conveying the character of 'Magua' with his paintjob. Bravo!

This figure will give Juan 5 points to add to his tally.

From KentG: 28mm Early Imperial Romans (160 points)

As we can all see, Kent is now reaping the benefits of front-loading all those Early Imperial Romans at the start of the Challenge. Here he is again with another unit of Praetorians, 32 in total.

He will soon have another unit ready for submission as well. Kent will soon have churned out the better part of a Roman army in under two weeks! Cripes, and I thought Tim was a paintng machine - this is completely mental.

This fine unit will give Kent a tidy 160 points, allowing him a comfortable lead.  I am not going to give Kent any bonus points for this group for two reasons. One, he simply doesn't need them, and two, he chose to flaunt the temperate climate he's enjoying (sun dappled figures... sheesh!). 

Below is two pictures I took from our front window today. No, that white stuff is not icing sugar, styrofoam or cocaine.

Only in the Canadian prairies will you see cross country skiing AND touch football being played in the same park at the same time...

Its really not that bad as its very pretty and I just have to cross the road for a nice ski (as you can see).