Thursday, December 29, 2011

From JuanM: French and Indian Wars Huron Scout 'Magua' (5 points)

Juan keeps to his French and Indian Wars theme with this excellent figure modelled after 'Magua' from Last of the Mohicans. (One of the most kick-ass 'villains' in film in my opinion.)

This is a 28mm Conquest Miniature sculpt which really is superb in its animation and detail.

Juan has done a great job conveying the character of 'Magua' with his paintjob. Bravo!

This figure will give Juan 5 points to add to his tally.


  1. This looks nice. I took a look at the Conquest Miniature site and found some plains wars minis to paint. Since I keep doing this I think it is going against the plan to paint up what I have. I keep finding more good stuff.

    Anyone got some AWI coming up?

  2. nice job I have a few Indians ready to go, might leave them a little while yet but your figure make me want to start them already

  3. Love to see some of that 40mm AWI stuff...

    Hint. Hint.



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