Thursday, December 22, 2011

From DaveD: 28mm Mahdist Tribesmen (145 points)

Okaaay! It looks like the two Tims are about to get a run for their money. As you can see, Dave is off work today (and sleep apparently) and has sent in a broadside entry of  29 Mahdist infantry to up the ante from his previous General Lasalle figure!

These are 28mm Perry plastics done up as mixed tribesmen. There should have been 30 of them but one 'fell from the ranks', literally (and under a chair caster no less - ouch!). I particularly like the dusty effect that the drybushing gave on the figures - nice goundwork as well. 

Dave tells me this is the beginnings of a very large project where he wants to see around 1600 of these lads completed. Yikes.

This lot will net Dave 145 points which with his Lasalle figure just pips TimB! Rockin'. Great effort and well done!

From TimB: 28mm War of 1812 Militiamen and WWI Artillery (120 points)

As I mentioned before, TimB is a painting machine. Of course, it helps that apparently he does not require sleep like the rest of us mortals (though his wife will disagree). Here are twelve Militiamen that he has sculpted, cast and painted for his 1812 project. How cool is that! I'll tell ya: Its cool like Saskatchewan in December.

I've listed these as 25/28mm but I'm not completely positive on that. Tim, am I right? Anyway, I see at least 3 variant figures here and they look great, all ranked-up ready to rally around the Colours, defend Canada and burn down other folks', er, white houses (ahem)...

Next from Tim is a Great War British (Canadian) Royal Artillery 18-pounder QF Field Gun with four crew in early-war uniforms. These models are from the 28mm Renegade range. 

So, that makes 12 infantry, 4 artillerymen and a nice piece of artillery for a base total of 90 points. Nonetheless, I'm going to award Tim another 30 points for sculpting and casting his own 1812 figures. So 120 points. Nice push, Old Boy! Now, get some sleep and let the rest of us play catch-up.

From DaveD: 28mm Antoine Charles Louis, comte de Lasalle! (15 points)

Dave from England has submitted this fine figure depicting the famous French light cavalry leader General Lasalle.

This is an older 28mm Bicorne casting that pays homage to the painting by Edouard Detaille which depicts Lasalle at the Battle of Wagram, leading cuirassiers in his final charge. The pipe is also a good touch.

Dave did some nice conversion work on the horse's tail and used wire to better define the reigns. Well done!

 I'm awarding Dave an extra 5 points for the effort he put into the conversion which gives him 15 points total.

From ChrisP: "THIS IS POOCH!" 28mm Spartan Hoplite (5 points)

Sorry about the title - I really couldn't help myself.

Chris Pooch from New Zealand has sent in the forerunner for his upcoming Spartan army. 

This is a 28mm plastic model from Immortal Miniatures. I quite like the look of this fellow especially the 'man-sized' shield and the correct looking spear (dory, right?) with the rear spike.  I'll have to pick up some of these for myself.

As you can see Chris did a very nice job freehanding the Lambda on the shield. That being said, he'll probably loose his mind trying to replicate that on his whole force. Well, look on the bright side, Chris, at least they didn't pick  'Sparta Pwns U' as their shield device...

This chap will put Chris on the board with 5 points, but its 5 Spartan points which must worth at least 50 regular points, right? Right?  ;)

From TimmyD: 20mm WWII German Anti-Tank Guns and Crews (128 points)

Well, here is a large entry from Timmy in Belgium to pick up the pace (as if it wasn't blistering already). Here are two 88mm guns with a limber, three PAK 36s and a single PAK 40 and all with their attendent crew (18 figures).

Timmy tells me these are for an Operation Sealion project he's working on. This seems very reminiscent of Mr. Lurker's recent efforts on the same subject as seen on his blog. It looks like poor ole Blighty will get alot of German tourism in the next few months.

One of the 88s, its limber and the PAK 40 are Airfix. All the kneeling crewmen and the PAK 36 models are from Hat whereas the standing fellows are Airfix. The remaining 88 is from an unknown manufacturer. 

With so much equipment this lot rakes-in an impressive haul of points:

- Limber (8 points)
- 2 88's (16 points)
- 3 PAK 36's (24 points)
- 1 PAK 40 (8 points)
- 18 crew (72 points)

That gives Timmy a grand total of 128 points! 

I wish my Dark Age and Napoleonic stuff was all in Field Grey now... ;) 

Timmy's now working on a German infantry battalion to go along with these guns so stay tuned.