Thursday, December 22, 2011

From TimB: 28mm War of 1812 Militiamen and WWI Artillery (120 points)

As I mentioned before, TimB is a painting machine. Of course, it helps that apparently he does not require sleep like the rest of us mortals (though his wife will disagree). Here are twelve Militiamen that he has sculpted, cast and painted for his 1812 project. How cool is that! I'll tell ya: Its cool like Saskatchewan in December.

I've listed these as 25/28mm but I'm not completely positive on that. Tim, am I right? Anyway, I see at least 3 variant figures here and they look great, all ranked-up ready to rally around the Colours, defend Canada and burn down other folks', er, white houses (ahem)...

Next from Tim is a Great War British (Canadian) Royal Artillery 18-pounder QF Field Gun with four crew in early-war uniforms. These models are from the 28mm Renegade range. 

So, that makes 12 infantry, 4 artillerymen and a nice piece of artillery for a base total of 90 points. Nonetheless, I'm going to award Tim another 30 points for sculpting and casting his own 1812 figures. So 120 points. Nice push, Old Boy! Now, get some sleep and let the rest of us play catch-up.


  1. Holy Bar cr**!
    I would think casting your own figures would get some kind of point premium. I'll need to hustle up some of my 1812 Americans to try and keep pace!

  2. The field gun looks awesome, never been tempted by Great War gaming but sure looks nice.

  3. @Miles: He did get 30 points extra... Remember, I am of Scottish descent so I'm naturally 'pruuudent' with my awarding of points. ;/

  4. Very nice!! Finger, butt, out I've said it before!! But I am painting at the moment though, so some points will be coming my way sooooon!!!

  5. Thanks guys!

    Sorry Curt - Yes they are 28mm! Haven't moved up to 40mm yet like John... Maybe when my eyesight starts to go...

  6. Mon O Man! Casting your own figures and then painting them plus doing others!:-0 I'm really out of my depth on this competition.....
    Who's next the Perry's joining in for good measure!
    Super looking gun btw.


  7. Awesome.

    I console myself with the 75 or so 28mm Ancient British war band sitting undercoated out in the workshop, along with a couple of dozen 18mm horses. Hopefully I'll get to make a start on actually applying paint over the Christmas weekend :D

  8. I need to paint more, a lot more figures...
    Very nice work, the Artillery piece is wonderful.



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