Saturday, December 31, 2016

Inquisitor's Retinue (Part I) - 2nd Submission to AHPC VII

Hello All and Happy New Year!!

We've had a huge meal and have just returned from taking the dogs out for a big romp in the snow. 

Felix burning some energy.
Oscar burning energy? Not so much.
Now with a bit of quiet time I can sneak away to post up my second entry, closing the gap in my sci-fi paint-duel with Juan.

I'm a big fan of Dan Abnett's writing, especially his 'Inquisitor' series of books. This past autumn I ran a 'Dark Heresy' RPG campaign for a few friends. In my 'world', the player characters begin as new recruits for an Inquisitor they have never met. Her name is Esme Rochel-Perez. The players were facilitated through her large retinue of arcane and dangerous specialists, who briefed them on the task at hand and provided them with a modicum of support (but not so much to make them feel at ease).

Here are two members of Esme's retinue, Second Interrogator Roland Velasquez and Arch Adherer Barthalamaus Pinder.

These are both older 28mm Games Workshop figures. I understand that the fellow with the hat is a bit rare - I picked him up at a Games Day in Toronto over 10 years ago. Anyway, they are beautiful castings with loads of character and wonderful details to tease out with a brush. 

Arch Adherer Barthalamaus Pinder

Not much to say here. I've used fairly subdued colours for these two, with lots of browns, blacks and dark greens. The brazier's coals and Pinder's banner were fun to work on as was Velasquez's bionic arm and plasma pistol. 

Second Inquisitor Roland Velasquez

Over the next few months I will be introducing some other members of Inquisitor Rochel-Prez's retinue, all the while (hopefully) keeping Juan on his toes with his own 'Rogue Stars' efforts.

Wish me luck!

Next Up: The 'Alt-right' from the Spanish Civil War.