Friday, February 8, 2013

From GregB: 15mm WWII German Trucks (24 points)

From Greg:
As a wargamer, I am always trying to put my German WW2 troops in halftracks, but I think the reality is that the half tracks - even though thousands were built - were always in short supply, and if a trooper was in a Panzer Grenadier or Panzer division, it was much more likely he would be travelling in a truck or soft skin vehicle as opposed to riding to glory/futility in a Hanomag - if he got to ride at all.  I think most German soldiers walked, just like the foot-sloggers in all armies.  It is the lot of the infantryman! 
These are Battlefront models - two Opel Blitz trucks, and two SUV-style trucks that I think are known as Kf70s (?).  The models are resin, cast in one piece, with base attached.  The decals are Battlefront as well - very useful. I particularly like the look of the Kf70 (although I have no idea if they were actually common vehicles).  It looks a lot like the SUVs I see idling in the drive through line at Starbucks. More German consumer vehicle foreshadowing...
Again, these should not be too common in a tactical gaming situations, but "wheels are better than heels" when it comes to being a foot slogger.  These trucks would carry the MG teams, mortars and even the Panzer Grenadiers themselves to their next hotspot, so they are OK for a game, and are also useful for Spearhead games.  Can also be nice objective pieces, targets for air strikes etc. 
I painted the Kf70s in later period yellow and left the Opel Blitz trucks in the early war dark grey. 
Phew - 900 points out of the way, and setting my sights on 1000!

It's really good to see these 'garden variety' vehicles as they played such a substantial role in Germany's military machine. The next step in this progression would be to do a few stands of the largest mobile element in Germany's army of WWII: the common horse.

These four trucks will give Greg 24 points.

From JuanM: 28mm Tiger II and American Paratroopers (35 points)

From Juan:
I have finally been able to paint some more historical models. I haven't had much time recently, but I expect to begin a new "age" later this week. 
This time I submit a "Warlord Games" Tiger II, a monster I have painted for a friend (it is a commission). Also three US paratroopers, from "Warlord Games" as well.

Lovely work Juan. The ambush pattern camo on that Big Cat came off beautifully, and the trio of paratroopers are excellent as well (very nice touch with the 'Screaming Eagle' patch on their left shoulders).

The Tiger, the commander and the paratroopers will give Juan 33 points. Well done Juan!

From SebG: 15mm Swiss Pikes (67 points)

From Seb: 
For my new entry, I've sent you something not related to the TYW, though they're still in 15mm. What you have here is a full 32 foot Swiss Pike unit from Mirliton.I had them for more than a year, and I think they might be handy for my next medieval army. I know Tamsin will also send you a pike block, so here's mine first ;)

I've given them the flgs from Bern, Uri, Unterwalden and Thun. I don't know if there is an historical reason for that, but I wanted to work on my white and yellow, and I think I found a way which pleases me. And if you look closely, the 8 bases are on a movement tray I bought from Warbases, I just added some sand, paint and flock, and voila! An easy-to-move pike block.
Excellent! I love the look of a hedge of pikes and these certainly are the business with their canton banners waving bravely - pretty inspiring stuff. The movement tray works very well. Are you going to put in a blank base of terrain to fill in the last row?

These 32 will give Seb 67 points to add to his total.