Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From PaulP: Two 15mm Old Glory Prussian Battalions from the 6th Reserve Regt.

'Ok, the last one to Paris cleans Napoleon's bidet!'
Here we have some lovely new entries from PaulP in the form of two battalions of 1813 era Prussian infantry from the 6th Reserve Regiment.

The boys with crimson indicate those troops who were recruited out of West Prussia, while the yellow striped fellows are from Silesia (Y'know, 'Silesia' is a great sounding word. No really, say it out loud: S-I-L-E-S-I-A. Its just too bad it also sounds like a name Paris Hilton would give her shih tzu...).

Anyway, these guys are the business. I quite like these man-sized units... Hmm, strike that and let me rephrase: I like that there are a lot of figures making up each battalion. Yeah, that's what I meant. 

All of these are 15mm Old Glory castings. I really like the animation amongst the various poses.

Yes, very nice stuff indeed. Bravo Paul!

This will give Paul a tidy 32 points for the Challenge.  Yikes, I'm going to have to pull up my socks and get some stuff ready or I'm going to get dropped off the back of the peloton (paintoton? minioton? whatever.).