Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ben the Cleric and Molly from the Town Militia

Just a couple new additions for the fantasy collection.

Today we have Ben the Cleric along with Molly from the Town Militia. 

Both of these models are from Knucklebones Miniatures. I've been painting a lot of Knucklebone stuff over the past year and continue to really enjoy them - they have such great character, with lots of sculpted detail to play around with.

Case in point is Molly here with her polka dot skirts hiked-up to reveal her Landsknecht puff-and-slash uniform and assorted ironmongery. Formidable.

Molly came off the printer with a seam across her face. Instead of trying to remove it (a task I was not relishing), I decided to work with it instead. Using a tiny amount of milliput, I gave her a pair of tinted spectacles, incorporating the printing artefact. I figure this way she can comfortably blast away with her musket in the glorious bright sunshine.

I quite like the stolid pose of Ben the Cleric. 'If the blessing doesn't work then the warhammer will surely sort things out.' 

I kept it fairly simple with him, with white tabard and leather scale mail over red robes. I just realized that the purity seals need some suitable lunatic script on them... Hmm. Time to pull out the fine nib pen I guess.

Thanks for popping in for a look! I hope to have a few more Fantasy figures coming off the bench soon.

Have a good one!

- Curt

Monday, April 1, 2024

Chaos Warriors with Possessed Shields

I'm sure there are many mini painters who have had those weird hobby sessions where you pick out a couple of figures at random and the mojo just settles in, and before you know it they are gazing back at you, done in no time at all. I had that experience with these two fellas this weekend and thought I'd post them together as they seem to fall into a similar theme.

Here are two Chaos Warriors from Knucklebones Miniatures. 

I always really enjoy the wonderful textures and character that the sculptor puts into his figures. Of course the standouts for these two are the shields. I look at them and imagine that the warriors themselves are mindless constructs, and rather it is the shields which provide the sentient force of will. Yeeash! Creepy AF. 

They were a fun pair to work on and they will be fine additions to the Nasty Lads collection for Warhammer Fantasy and Forbidden Psalm.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great week!

- Curt