Friday, March 9, 2012

From ScottB: 15mm WWII German Pak40 Anti-Tank Guns (78 points)

Scott here adds another excellent unit to his growing German force for 'Flames of War'. This time its a group of Pak40 anti-tank guns along with their command element.

From Scott:

I can add them to my Grenadiers or Panzergrenadiers, in a couple of formats, either as a divisional support option with all 4 guns, or often as a company weapons platoon of 3 guns, but then I can include the 4th spare gun as an upgrade option for the 15cm nebelwerfer platoon, that I am now halfway done.

Hopefully I'll have it done by the deadline. Might even squeeze in a 8cm Mortar platoon too...

These are 15mm Battlefront castings.

This group will give Scott 78 points. Very nice work!

From TimB: 28mm Ancient Greeks, Biblical Egyptian and a British Para (80 points)

Tim's going to give Ray a run for his money and so sends in this fine collection of ancient Greeks, a wounded biblical Egyptian and a dead British para.

This first group of formed-up hoplites are made up of 28mm figures from Black Tree Design.

Tim treats us to some great hand-painted hoplon shields.

These three singles are made up of two Black Tree figures and a single Wargames Foundry casting. 

The two hoplite casualties below are 28mm Warlord Games models.

This wounded Egyptian soldier from the biblical period is from Wargames Foundry as well.

Finally, we have this poor odd man out (and, well, dead), a British paratrooper from Black Tree Design.

This group will give Tim a base of 65 points, but I'm adding a sweetener for the excellent shields - so 80 points total.  Nice work Tim!

From SteveM: 15mm WWII German Marder IIs

Steve submits these four German Marder II tank destroyers.

These are 15mm Battlefront models. I quite like the 'dot' patter camouflage Steve did on these Marders.

These vehicles will give Steve 56 points to add to his roster.