Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From IanH: 28mm Ancient Greeks & Pulp WWII Americans (95 points)

From Ian:
I've been rushing to finish these before the weekend as my brother's up for some gaming time and I was keen to ensure I didn't fall behind. The flock is still drying as we speak they're that fresh off the painting table. 
First up I've 7 more Greek Warriors for my Greek Mythical Game 'Aegeus', these have been pretty much finished for weeks but I'd run out of shield transfers and struggled to lay my hands on the right sized ones again as they were out of stock everywhere. Took 4 or 5 emails in the end and a few weeks of waiting. 
Following these are some WW2 Americans to go up against my Weird WW2 Germans, this batch isn't particularly weird to fit in with the historical element of the painting competition  the only weird miniature is the Tesla Cannon bearer. Miniatures are mainly Bolt Action Plastics with the addition of an officer from the AE-WW2 line.

Great stuff Ian. The Greeks look the business and I love the Nick Furyesque Weird WWII officer.

This eclectic group will give Ian 95 points. 

From JohnM: 28mm Goblin King and Goblins from 'The Hobbit' (200 points)

From John:

Well here is the first of my 3 planned submissions of my Cunning Secret Project: GW Figures from the Hobbit.  Here we have 39 goblins. Why cunning you ask, well I thought that I could throw these together at a rate of less then 10 minutes a figure. So 195 points in 6 hours, I thought that sounds clever. 
My initial plan was to prime white, followed by an immediate dip of very slightly red tinged AP soft tone (minimal pigment). I would then paint the loin clothe, weapons and eyes and that would be it. Never happened. The mistake is to think and research about things and not go with your gut. Well I googled painting goblins from hobbit and got this as the top hit.
Seemed easy enough, quite a few steps, but they are very nice figures and I wanted to do a good job. Well I should have realised, I am just not that good a painter, layering escapes me as I really can not be bothered. It went well until the step after the application of the Citadel Dry Eldar Flesh (if you have not tried these paints take a look, I have never seen anything like them). 
I just had a difficult time getting the figures back to white as I wanted. I eventually almost got there with another dry paint Praxtis White, but I still feel that they could be whiter. By now I had well over 30 minutes plus per figure in, and that is really my limit, so I stopped. Not so cunning after all, but I am generally happy with them and they are great figures. First photo is the king, the captain (filthy little fellow) and the task master.
Wow, I think you did an excellent job on these John! I find they're very evokative of the film and I particularly like the gritty layering effect you've achieved with them.  

This horde from Goblin Town will give John a base of 195 points but I'm adding another 5 for The King ('Thank you, thank you very much.').

From KaweWZ: 28mm Napoleonic French Dragoon and Sleigh (27 points)

From Kawe:

Here's just another Westfalia-set. :-) 
The miniature has been made from Victrix and I believe Front Rank bits and some Green Stuff.

Looks just like home. :) Lovely work, Kawe. You've done a beautiful job with the snow, especially the partly covered foliage. The horse and sleigh is gorgeous - who is the sculptor?

This dragoon and sleigh vignette will give Kawe 27 points.

From RayR: 15mm Scots Cavalry and British Grenadiers (33 points)

From Ray:
For my 10th entry, we're crossing the Irish sea back to Scotland, here we have two units that fought on either side at the Battle of Killicrankie.
Firstly we have the very small troop of Scots Cavalry, there were only 40 men in the troop, hence only 5 figures in the unit, really it should have been 3 or 4 figures, but that would have looked a little daft! 
Again they're Essex figures and have a mixed uniform. 
The second entry are Lauders Grenadiers, they were made up from the three regts of the Scots Brigade, Balfour's, Ramsay's and Mackay's. I think I may have to repaint some of their faces as the ink has set a little heavy on them, but hey ho!!

Great work Ray. I remember when I started blogging a little over two years ago I came across Ray's blog and enjoyed following his new foray into the Nine Years War. Flags, art, history, all excellent stuff and here he is, still faithfully bashing away at it!  I applaud your single-minded focus on this period Ray, it's quite inspiring! Nonetheless, I have to ask: When will we see a game featuring all these lovely miniatures?

These two units will give Ray 33 points. Well done Mr. Rousell!