Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For Fran - Naval Deck Gun & Crew For His Steampunk Cutter

I've been working (admittedly in fits and starts) on various mini-projects to return the kindness and favours extended to me over the past year from wonderful hobbyists who I've had the pleasure to become acquainted with. Last November, Fran, aka The Angry Lurker (a nom de guerre which is the antithesis of the gentleman himself), kindly sent me a team jersey emblazoned with the 'heraldry' of both The Rejects and Analogue Hobbies. 

I was quite taken by this and have been puzzling these past months over how to express my thanks. Then it came. Last month Fran posted on his blog a wonderful steampunk naval cutter that he had completed and I, being the typical wag, suggested that it needed a deck gun for it to be 'really' complete. Fran, to shut me up, graciously agreed with me and, eureka, the spark was struck!

These 28mm models are from Pulp Adventure, sculpted by the very talented Bob Murch. They were very fun to work with. I particularly like the lantern-jawed officer, who looks like the complete ponce, lurking about, making sure everything proceeds according to the King's Regulations.

Hopefully these lads find a place in Fran's steampunk adventures, banging away at tesla-powered Prussians, wily martians or perhaps cheeky interlopers from the dreaded Rayonia.

Speaking of which, I'm also doing something up for Ray 'Don't Throw a 1' Rousell (but more on that later) - Once done, both gifts will make their way over to Gravesend to their new homes.