Monday, August 23, 2021

Buildings for Moonstone from Tabletop World

Okay, let's move on from my somewhat stuttering 1:1 efforts and look at something that I've actually completed: a trio of buildings for our Moonstone games from Tabletop World. 

The mood and setting of 'Moonstone' is very Grimm fairytalesque, and I wanted some terrain that would fit with that aesthetic, so when I came across these models from Tabletop World I knew they'd fit the bill perfectly. They have a wonderful lived-in, dilapidated, sway-backed look, which makes me think of witches in dark forests, kids named Hansel and Gretel, and a wolf that is both Big and Bad.

These three models are fairly small and basic compared to some of the offerings in the Tabletop World catalog ('The Wizard's Tower' is particularly impressive). The two smaller models are listed as cottages, while the three-storey structure is from their townhouse series (I've been using it as a small tavern in our recent scenarios).

I really like all the exterior details on this model, especially the stone water trough and the harvested vegetables.

The roofs lift off and they all have great interior detail. On the larger, muli-level models, each floor is separate, to facilitate skirmish gaming.

I love the uneven stacked stone chimney and the jury-rigged roof repairs.

I won't varnish the truth. These models are expensive, BUT they are exquisitely crafted and I think you do get your money's worth. The rendered detail is astonishingly crisp, the casting is flawless and they are an absolute joy to paint.  A real pleasure to have on the tabletop.

Now, I'm going to go to their site and pine over that Wizard's Tower again... Have a great week everyone!

Next up: A Troll with a Helmet-Cannon!