Saturday, February 23, 2013

From AndrewS: 18mm Napoleonic British Artillery (72 points)

The last 18mm Napoleonics that I will submit for the challenge, as my focus will be on other areas till the end of the competition.
I found the lead last week hiding in a box while looking for some dwarves to supplement another project, I forgot I even had them as I thought I only had polish infantry left.

The temptation to hold off painting these was too great as I always consider artillery batterys as a quick paint, and I have been sneakily painting these up and avoiding mention in my blog of these so as to surprise Kev, who has been rattling on at me for a lack of painting, although I won't have caught up with him with his recent huge submission I will have put my self on target better to hit my 1000 points.
They are all AB 18mm miniatures, the British battery has 9 crew and 3 guns, the French battery has 12 crew and 4 guns.

Lovely work Andrew. For some reason I always find artillery stands to be a real challenge (usually accompanied with colourful language and gnashing of teeth) so I applaud your ease in getting through them - they look brilliant.

This fine battery will give Andrew 72 points to add to his total, placing him well within striking range of his 1000 target. Well done Andrew!

From IanW: 6mm Cavalry for The War of the Spanish Succession & Napoleonics (99 points)

Now, back to glorious colour provided by Ian:

Some more 6mm fun here, all on dobbin's this time.
First up we have five regiments of Baccus WSS Line Cavalry, these being Le Roi, Nassau, La Vallier, Cosse, Royal, then the three dragoon regiments of  Grand Royal, Du Roi and La Reine.

Each regiment is of twelve figures for a total of 96 figures, again Matt want's to base them himself. I just need to do his command now.
Talking of which, here is the second stand of my French Command, these are a bit keener than the last one to get at those Pesky English/Russians. 
These are like the last Adler castings, the two Hussars are more or less the same figure but one horse is rearing up so looks a bit different.
I was trying to paint one of these figures per day but for the last couple I have not had the chance due in part to playing a game all Sunday, what a sinner eh?
Great work Ian! These cavalry all look excellent but you continue to wow with those Adler command stands. Brilliant.

These cavalrymen will give Ian 99 point to add to his tally. 

The Great War in Greyscale - Early War German Infantry Reinforcements & Row-House Buildings (130 points)

I took advantage of the '5-4-4' deal from Renegade Miniatures to augment my existing WWI models which were mostly from Great War Miniatures.

I find these Renegade sculpts to be fairly chunky, but they have a pleasing solidness about them and really possess a lot of character. I particularly like the various facial details like their bushy moustaches, wire-rimmed glasses and expressive mouths. 

Taking a cue from Sidney, I decided to mount about half of this force in pairs to allow easier movement during play. In addition, I think the paired-figure bases allow for interesting mini-vignettes. I'll be going back to rebase some of my Belgians and French along these lines.

I've also included a few photos of my completed greyscale ruined row-houses from Kobblestone Miniatures.

I'm now working on a few of the non-damaged facades. You can see one work-in-progress, below to the left, which features an elegant second-floor curved balcony. The sidewalks are a nice touch as well. They neatly slip under the building frames and do a great job in finishing the look of the buildings. 

I'm going to order few of their new end panels and probably another row-house 'module' to  be able to fill out the core of a village.

These 26 Landsers will give me 130 points.