Saturday, February 23, 2013

From IanW: 6mm Cavalry for The War of the Spanish Succession & Napoleonics (99 points)

Now, back to glorious colour provided by Ian:

Some more 6mm fun here, all on dobbin's this time.
First up we have five regiments of Baccus WSS Line Cavalry, these being Le Roi, Nassau, La Vallier, Cosse, Royal, then the three dragoon regiments of  Grand Royal, Du Roi and La Reine.

Each regiment is of twelve figures for a total of 96 figures, again Matt want's to base them himself. I just need to do his command now.
Talking of which, here is the second stand of my French Command, these are a bit keener than the last one to get at those Pesky English/Russians. 
These are like the last Adler castings, the two Hussars are more or less the same figure but one horse is rearing up so looks a bit different.
I was trying to paint one of these figures per day but for the last couple I have not had the chance due in part to playing a game all Sunday, what a sinner eh?
Great work Ian! These cavalry all look excellent but you continue to wow with those Adler command stands. Brilliant.

These cavalrymen will give Ian 99 point to add to his tally. 


  1. Really a great work. The Napoleonic Cavalry is fantastic!

  2. 6mm!? Wow - fantastic. The basing sure is nice too. Dean

  3. Wow Ian, those are amazing. I'm painting 10mm WSS at the moment so to see that quality of painting on 6mm is both an inspiration and a challenge!

    What are you using to base them? The flock looks a really good scale and most stuff I've found looks oversized.

  4. Fantastic work Ian.
    Such detail, I wish I could see 6mm to paint.
    Superb entry.

  5. Thanks everyone, I am loving the Adler command so it's always nice to get a good response, the WSS has been more of a challenge as it's not my period.

    @ Millsy, I find 10mm harder to do than 6mm as it's so close to detail as 15mm. I only painted 13 ADC's in 10mm but it was enough to make me move to 6mm for my ECW project.

    Regards flock I use Woodlands Scenics fine blend (meadow I think) and a brown for the earth patches. The green is added and left stacked up to dry leaving gaps for the brown. I then get the excess off and using thicker mixed PVA add the brown but tip this off after less time. Then just add 2mm tufts and the odd bushy bit


  6. Excellent painting Ian, love the Naps!


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