Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From GregB: 1:285 scale German Panzer IVH (10 points)

Greg and I are going to have a game of 'Spearhead' on Sunday which will focus on the lead elements of a German armoured division attempting to punch through the Soviet lines at Kursk. We're fully expecting a table completely strewn with smoke columns by turn two...

These Panzer IV H's are all from the excellent GHQ line of micro-scale (1:285 / 1:300) vehicles. 

Greg has done a superb job on the basework and camo on these little guys. Especially if you take into account that each of these models is about the same size of your typical coin piece.

With the long 75mm, extra armour and side skirting, the IV H was the last of the variants for this chassis type and it was a proven workhorse of the German panzer arm. 

This batch will give Greg 10 points to add to his tally. We'll take some shots of these in action to put up next week.

From ChrisP: 28mm Greek Hoplites for SAGA, 2nd Entry (60 points)

Chris sends us this second group of excellent Greek hoplites (Myrmidons) that will serve in his innovative Classical Greek modification to SAGA.

Like his others, these are 28mm plastic figures from Immortal Miniatures (now acquired by Warlord Games). I must say that I'm really liking the look of these figures and will definitely have to pick some up.

As the previous unit was fashioned as the 'Green' unit, these will be the 'Reds'.

This group of fine hoplites will add another 60 points to Chris' total. Great work!