Monday, September 14, 2020

Traitor Commissar and Ogryn Bodyguard

Ok, so I fibbed. There are no heroes in this post. I know, I know, I promised - My only excuse is that I got carried away finishing these two guys for our game this past weekend and the other ones got bumped.

So, here's a traitor commissar and his Ogryn bodyguard from the 'Traitor Command' expansion.

I really don't know how a traitor commissar 'works' in the 40K universe. Aren't commissars supposed to be the ones who bring order from chaos? Well, this doesn't work when Chaos is signing your paycheque. Hmm. Perhaps the best way to peg him is to just think of him as a cheerleader for the Ruinous Powers. That is if cheerleading means executing the nearest traitor guardsman for spelling Khorne incorrectly, or for not saluting with the proper tentacle. I dunno, it sounds like a pretty thankless job to me.

Anyhoo, the Chaos Commissar's badassery is further enhanced by him having a hulking Ogryn as his bodyguard. 

'It's great for opening cans but lousy for texting...'
'Well, it's great for opening jam jars, but lousy for texting...'

As you can see this poor fella's been skewered by a huge piece of wrought iron - but he's obviously making the best of it. Sure, it looks very uncomfortable, but it's probably quite handy for hanging laundry on. 

'More socks for the sock god! More starch for the starch throne!'

A very fun set of models which help add further character to our games of Blackstone Fortress.

Next time: Some heroes. No, really!