Friday, January 20, 2012

From DaveD: "I'm with the Band" 25mm Napoleonic French Cuirassier Regimental Band (180 points)

Dave sends in this marvellously quirky yet very cool entry depicting the regimental band of the 1er Regiment de Cuirassiers.

These are 25mm models sourced from Mirliton in Italy. If you enjoy historical vignettes I recommend you check these guys out as they have some very unique kits in their stocklist.

Dave worked with the kettle-drummer so his arms were better posed. Lovely stuff. The painting of the crestwork is brilliant as well.

These seventeen musicians will give Dave 170 points, but I'm going to place it at 180 for the uniqueness and the detail work on the kettle-drummer. Beautiful work, Dave!

From KentG: 28mm Normans (385 points)

Kent sends in this excellent later-period Norman force composed of both cavalry and infantry. First up is a nice large unit of twenty-one armoured cavalry.

Again, Kent does some beautiful free-hand painting on the shields - bravo!

One of these fellows was painted prior to the challenge and so cannot be counted for scoring.

Next is a unit of twenty-two normans on foot (including one monk). One of these figures pre-dates the Challenge and so will not count for scoring.

Finally we have another unit of eight norman cavalry, but these are men-at-arms in lighter padded armour.

All of the figures are from Black Tree, except the monk which is a Perry casting.  This impressive group will net-in 385 points for Kent. Very impressive work, well done!