Sunday, September 23, 2012

Product Review: Custom-Cut Movement Trays from Warbases

I needed some movement trays that could both accomodate single-based figures and also provide a visual cue to the skirmish capability of a particular infantry formation. (From 1 to 3 figures per skirmishing detachment, as determined by their training, doctrine, blah, blah, blah.)

95th Rifles providing a skirmish screen for a British battalion (Perry and Wargames Foundry).
Years ago a friend had given me a large amount of fender washers which I've been using to base the majority my skirmish figures to date. The only trouble with this is that the washers are an odd size and so I can't make use of standard movement trays which are designed for figures mounted on common coins or standard 20/25mm bases. (Yes, serves me right for being such a cheap sod and not using 'proper' bases...)

An example of the 2-socket trays (Victrix figures)
After hearing such great feedback about Warbases in the UK I thought I'd contact them to see if they could custom-cut some simple 2 and 3 socket trays for my Napoleonic skirmishers. Diane from Warbases said it would be no problem and asked that I just send along a sample of the washer so they could lasercut the sockets for a snug fit. 

As you can see the trays turned out great. These 2-socket and 3-socket MDF trays cost 50p and 70p respectively - a bargain when compared to popular suppliers here in North America. The cost along with shipping was very reasonable and the turnaround time was surprisingly fast. All-in-all I'd highly recommended Warbases, even for those hobbyists not located in the UK.