Friday, February 25, 2011

New Entry from Greg: 28mm Foundry Austrian 6pdr Artillery

Shifting from the steppes of Russia to the Austrian Marchfeld, here we have Greg presenting us with two Austrian 6 pound artillery pieces with their crews, ready to help blast the French back into the Danube (or announce the opening of Oktoberfest). Beautiful work, Greg! You just need one more section and you'll have the battery done. (You see, Greg hates, HATES painting artillery...).

Greg has already built a gorgeous 15mm Austrian force, but has recently decided to take the plunge and do it all again in 28mm, organized around the 'Grande Manner' scale.

These two artillery bases will give Greg 11 points for his opening gambit in the Painting Challenge.

Even though they were completed not long before the Challenge contest parameters I thought I'd include below a few shots (gratefully poached from the Fawcett Ave Conscripts) of some his beefy 40-man infantry battalions. Yes, very nice indeed - bravo, Greg!

Two battalions of German infantry with Command

...and a Grenzer battalion.