Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Great War In Greyscale - British Despatch Rider

I've been having a wonderful time following the Lead Adventure Forum's Pulp Painting Club and thought I'd kick-in with this WWI despatch (dispatch?) rider which also serves as an incremental addition to my greyscale Great War project.

While doing a little reading on the subject I discovered that many of the British despatch riders were early motorcycle enthusiasts who took their own personal machines to France being that the British army was hard pressed to provide enough of their own. Intrepid fellows indeed!

This fabulous little model is from the Great War Miniatures range (28mm). I had a huge amount of fun working on it. The sign to Le Cateau is magnetized so I can swap it out with something else if I wish. I thought I could use the figure for Pulp gaming as well and so for a little bit of fun I'm making up a sign that will point to a little town in Massachusetts called Arkham...