Sunday, November 25, 2012

'I'd like to thank the Academy, my Publicist and my Hairdresser...' The Liebster Award!

As many of you know the 'Liebster Blog Award' has been making the rounds across the blogosphere these past few weeks. I'm typically a little wary of these quasi-meme 'blog awards' but the thing I've very much enjoyed about this one is discovering the recommendations of other bloggers. I can safely say that I've been introduced to about a half dozen superb blogs that I would have otherwise never come across - so to me this makes the 'Liebster' a great success. 

In turn, I must extend my great thanks to Tamsin, Phil, Aaron and Peter who have kindly nominated my site as part of this. I'm not sure if its really deserved, but I very much appreciate the sentiment. Again, thank you all very much!

So, as I understand it, part of this is for me to nominate five blogs that I enjoy. Excellent! I  know there are some other rules, but I'm blissfully going to ignore them...

In no particular order I'd like to give the nod to:

Sidney's efforts, especially with his Great War collection, are a magnificent inspiration. His terrain in particular is something to behold in wonder.

The Conscripts are my old gaming pals from Winnipeg. I love their blog as it's a community effort, with several of the lads contributing to its content. Great painting, opinionated rants and humorous banter - its well worth the visit.

I'm a bit of a lurker on this site but I greatly admire Lt.Hazel's beautiful paintwork. Quality stuff, 'nuff said.

Michael's gift with the hobby is peerless and very, very imaginative. I don't think he's ever  actually played a game with his models, but you can't deny the playfulness in his work. Bravo!

This is a new favourite of mine. Amazing realization of the whole package: terrain, figures and scenarios. Simply awesome stuff.

Give these a visit - you won't be disappointed. Word out.