Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hellllo Ladies! Modern Female Operators

In the interest of equal opportunity, here are five female operators working towards gender-balancing my ACWII collection.

Similar to the Russians from my previous post, all of these figures are from Spectre Miniatures. 

I quite like the mix of both civilian and paramilitary gear on these figures as it allows them to fit in with a wide variation of settings. 

I also appreciate the sculptor's effort to model these women on realistic forms and poses, as opposed to some of the fantastical spotty-faced-boy-in-the-basement stuff you often see in the market.

They are armed with a variety of weapons including a Glock holdout pistol, PP-2000 SMG,  HK416 assault carbine, a Kriss Vector SMG and a Kel-Tec assault shotgun.  Yup, definitely NOT damsels in distress.

There is at least one more pack of female operatives I'd like to add to these, but they'll have to wait as future reinforcements.

Next up: Some vehicles!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Modern Russian Urban Assault Team

I needed some Russians for my ACWII storyline and found that this great range from Spectre Miniatures fit the bill nicely.

These are Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) in urban assault gear, ready to holiday in the Crimea, Syria or any other vulnerable locale. All of them are wearing heavy body armour with visored helmets. Three of the figures are equipped with ballistic shields for close quarter breaching. 

They are armed in a variety of weapons, ranging from machine pistols,  suppressed AKs to more exotic kit, such as the AS Val assault rifle. Yup, a nasty group of hard cases.

In order to easily pick them out on the tabletop, I've painted them up in the distinctive blue 'Smog' pattern urban camo.

This bunch will be making their debut in an upcoming scenario - so stay tuned for that.