Friday, March 14, 2014

From MilesR: 28mm ACW (yes more) Union Artillery & Infantry (162 points)

Miles makes a liar out of me as he manages to submit even more ACW figures before the Challenge concludes - the madman!
Yes, yet more ACW to submit - a second Union artillery unit and a Limber. These are 28mm Perry plastics from the new artillery box set. I went with a four man crew that there then 6 you get with each gun in the set. I’m going to experiment on the extra two figures to see if I can make Union sailors out of them.
The gun barrel used for this battery is the 10 pdr Parrot Rifle. 
I also built and based the Limber / caisson that come with each gun. This one will be used as an ammo resupply marker for the ruleset Regimental Fire and Fury. The Perry’s recently announced that they will make available metal horses (and even some mules) plus riding crew so one can make fully mounted limbers.
A picture of the Union Parrot Battery to date, the gun with 6 crew figures was completed earlier.
Here is another 24 figure Union Infantry Regiment (18th Indiana). The figures are from the original 28mm Perry ACW plastic set. While the quality of the figures are acceptable when compared to the more recent Perry plastics you can see that both the Perry’s and their injection molder (Renedra) have come a long way in the level of quality. Sorry for the quality of pictures, but my son is home on Easter break and he borrowed it to record some tests for his engineering project this semester.
Painting this unit was a nice break from painting Confederate infantry. Most of my Union force is from a painting service (MMPS). They do a nice job but I do want to have some units painted by me. My gaming table is crowed with figures from the painting challenge - in the photo below you can see the Templar knights from an earlier submission. I need to schedule a game to force me to organize and put the unit up into their respective shelves.
I have a few more painting submissions to send in before the challenge is over - it’s been a very fun ride and thanks to Curt for putting it on!
You're most welcome! 

Excellent work Miles. Its refreshing to see some Union blue in amongst your sea of Confederate grey and butternut. I also really like how you've dressed the tabletop for these photos. Who makes the snake-rail fencing? Renedra?

The 18th Indiana plus the gun, caisson and crew will give Miles 162 points. 

From JamesL: 28mm WWII American Infantry (170 points)

From James:
Finally I have the bulk of my figures painted....
These are 28mm Warlord US Army minis for Bolt Action, and are the reason I entered the painting challenge in the first place. They form the core of my US 1st Armoured Division army for both Bolt Action and Chain of Command.
These guys are the first two squads of 10-11 men, the 60mm light mortar team, a bazooka team, Forward Observer team , medic, and of course the LT himself with platoon sergeant on the radio.
I'm just putting the finishing touches to a Sherman tank to give these guys some support....
I used Vallejo paints and GW washes on top of a Plastic Soldier Company army Spray basecoat.
Ah, its great to see these debut from your paint table James! I always like seeing the Challenge used to complete projects - wonderful. So, what is your opinion on the Warlord American miniatures? Are they good kits?

I hope we get to see that Sherman before the Challenge concludes.

This understrength platoon of dog-face infantry will give James 170 points. Well done!