Monday, April 1, 2013

Hounds of Love: Challenge Donations & New K-9 Additions to the Family

The lovely, lovely Kate.
For this year's Challenge I happily committed to donate $5 for each ronin submitted to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).  After a little thinking Sarah and I decided to donate half to the SPCA and the other half to a local 'no-kill' dog shelter as they are always chronically under-funded and in need of help. 

Addendum: Last September we had to put down our beloved old hound 'Caleb' (hardest thing I've ever done, let me tell you) and we knew we would not get a new dog until we had time to properly mourn him. Well, with spring in the air and our hearts now in the right place we decided to expand our family once again and adopt not just one dog but two puppies from the local dog shelter. So I introduce to you Felix and Oscar (Be Warned: Cute Puppy Madness Ensues):

(Felix is the little guy with the patch over his eye while Oscar is the strapping brown-spotted lad.)

Don't let this calm scene fool you - these lads are hellions!
As you can see from the video they are pretty rambunctious and seem pleased as punch to have the run of Schloss Campbell-Hanks. 

Let the indiscriminate peeing and pooping begin! Woo-Hoo!!