Thursday, February 7, 2013

From Tamsin: 15mm Scythian Light Cavalry (48 points)

From Tamsin:
For my 9th entry, here are some 15mm Scythian light horsemen. I'd actually started painting the horses before the Challenge, but the riders hadn't been touched so they count. 

Figures are from Donnington. The sculpts don't seem to have as much "texture" as their other miniatures, so the Klear/ink step hasn't been as effective as normal.

For my next entry I'll be returning to 28mm with some more Normans. Now I've just got to assemble them (a job I dislike, but that's the price you pay for using plastics!).
Excellent work Tamsin. Like your previous unit of light horse, I really like how vibrant you've gone with these. 

These Scythian boys will give Tamsin 48 points to add to her tally. This just leaves her a few points shy of her original Challenge Par Goal with 40 days still to go - impressive effort and great painting!

From RayR: English Border Horse (136 points)

From Ray:
Back to the Battle of Flodden for my 9th entry. Here we have 4 units of English Border Horse, that fought on the right flank of the English battle line under Lord Dacre. The first unit are from Bamboroughshire in the East March, the second are also from the East March, but from Tynemouth. The third unit are from the East March and the last are from Northumberland and were led by the Bastard Heron!!! This unit is carrying the banner of Lord Dacre, Warden of the English West March.

All the figures are from Essex and were quite an easy paint as you can probably guess. The flags are once again from yours truly, the Dacre flag can be found on my blog to download.

Lovely work Ray. I really like the animation you've put into the flags. This is kind of new for you isn't it? The effect is especially dynamic with Lord Dacre's long banner which seems to be billowing nicely in the wind.

These four troops of horse will give Ray 136 points including a little extra for his excellent flags.