Friday, September 28, 2018

Adeptus Titanicus - Reaver Titan 'Canis Lex'

My Adeptus Titanicus riff continues with the addition of a Reaver medium titan, a half dozen Imperial Knights and a few more bits of terrain.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the Reaver. I've never really taken to the quasi-reptilian 'head/cockpit' design and the legs always struck me as a bit ponderous looking, but I admit that it is a nice kit to work on - lots of great detail and relatively easy to assemble.

One thing that that did have me a bit perplexed with the kit was that, unlike the Warlord, the Reaver model is fairly limited in the easy integration of magnets to the weapon mounts. Only the carapace missile launcher has a pair of magnet insets, whereas the various weapon/arms are left for the modeler to figure out. 

This I did with a bit of judicious sawing and gluing (including magnetizing the waist to allow the torso to twist) - not really a big deal, but a little disappointing in light of GW's great debut with the Warlord.

For a bit of visual interest, I posed the right leg so it's in the midst of stomping on a poor Leman Russ Demolisher tank. To give the impression of the foot articulating around the hull of the destroyed tank, I cut off the 'toes' so I could reposition them downwards.

Similar to my recent Mortis Warlord, the rubble groundwork is made up of leftover bits from the Civitas building set. I added a street light by cutting a paperclip and putting a blob of superglue on the tip to simulate the light casing. A bit silly, but the overall effect works okay.

I kept the paintjob fairly minimalst, just a grey, black and white scheme, which suits my tastes just fine. I've created a small interlinked series a games centered around a titan force called 'Demi-Legio Cerberus' (a nod to the multi-headed hound who guards the Underworld). This Legio will be composed primarily of fast striking Warhounds, supported by their larger Reaver brethren. This fella I've named 'Canis Lex'. 

The Imperial Knights are stock builds. As a bit of a facepalm, I remembered just after they were assembled that I should have magnetized their weapons like their larger cousins - my bad. Oh well, I'll have to remember to do this with the next set I get.

And to end the post, another trio of buildings to help bolster my terrain collection. The two wrecked factory structures are from JR Miniatures, whereas the apartment block with the  diagonal 'open plan and outdoor exposure' is a 3D print. 

That's it for now. Thanks for dropping in folks - have a great day!