Saturday, September 18, 2021

Noel Williams

Yesterday I received the very sad news that our friend Noel Williams had passed away this August.

Fellow participants of the Painting Challenge know Noel well from his wonderfully creative, loquacious and hilarious submissions to our little event (he was a poet after all).  I always knew, that when a Noel entry was posted, that I'd be entertained by his great wit, impressed by his furious industry and invigorated by his ebullient enthusiasm. 

He will be greatly missed.

Wishing you smooth sailing and open skies, Noel.


Monday, September 6, 2021

Ribald the Troll (with a Goblin-Manned Headcannon, of course) for 'Moonstone'


Hi All!

First, Happy Labour Day Long Weekend! I hope that for those who observe the holiday, you're enjoying a nice, relaxing day off.

Today I have a new character to add to our Moonstone games. This time it's a Troll who goes by the name of 'Ribald'. He seems to be an amiable sort, allowing Goblins to clamber all over him, using him as a walking cannon emplacement. He's a solid, agreeable lad, that Ribald.

Another wonderfully characterful model from the boys over at Goblin King Games. 

Hmm, he needs something. What could it be? I know, it's the pose of that foot. It's too purposeful by far. 

Not being able to leave well enough alone, I decided a banana peel underfoot would set the stage nicely. So I hunted one up from Thingiverse and popped it on the base. 

Now, Ribald and his greenskin gunner seem more in balance with the Karmic universe. I almost can't look. Almost.


Ribald has an admirable badonkadonk, so I gave him a pair of 'barefoot-cut' Levis blue jeans. See, he's even sporting the iconic red label tab on the back pocket. What a fashion plate.

Ribald is now ready to cause mayhem, or have it inflicted upon him, in our future games of Moonstone.

Next Up: Some Faeries!

Have a great week everyone!