Sunday, December 14, 2014

The First Theme Round for the Painting Challenge is Now UP!

This year's Painting Challenge is now merrily bubbling along over on the Challenge blog. One aspect of the event which has grown in popularity is the fortnight Theme Rounds where participants create an entry that corresponds to a pre-set theme. 

This year I've selected seven themes for the participants to explore and have a bit of fun with. They are:

  • 'Cold' (Dec 14th)
  • 'Rider(s) & Mount(s)' (Dec 28th)
  • 'Victorian' (Jan 11th)
  • 'Myth' (Jan 25th)
  • 'Hot' (Feb 8th)
  • 'Comedic' (Feb 22nd)
  • 'Antihero' (March 8th)

The first theme, 'Cold' is now up on the Theme page, and so I invite you all to get a cup of your favourite seasonal beverage, click over to the site and enjoy the gallery which is packed full of wonderful submissions. You can even vote for all your favourite entries for which the top three get will get some bonus points! (Note: Voting closes Sunday night, Dec 21st)

For my own part, I did up this trio of Napoleonic French cavalrymen who are seen here desperately trying to make their way out of Russia, yard by yard, drift by drift, one musket shot at a time.

Again, please drop in for a visit and leave a nice comment for the participants - they've earned it!