Sunday, April 28, 2013

Entry #3 to the Lead Painters' League: 28mm Mordheim Warband

Well, I'm having a great time participating in the Lead Painters League. It's prompted me to drag out a bunch of my unpainted figures (and purchase some more) in an attempt to provide a more varied selection of subjects and periods to submit. This week's group of figures is a good case-in-point. Though I had painted a few in the past, I've had these untouched Mordheim castings for probably twelve years, and without the impetus of the League they  probably would've sat untouched for another dozen more.

I particularly like these two-pistol wielding figures. I already had a set done from a few years ago, but found I had another couple raw castings so I was happy to work on them again.

I've kept the majority of this lot in the same blue and yellow 'livery' as my existing Mordheim collection.

These are beautiful GW sculpts - some of their best in my opinion. They have a fabulous, whimsical, quasi-renaissance air about them. I really like their puff and slash sleeves, half-armour and jaunty feathered caps. I entered the five shown at the top for the League, but I've added the two below which I've recently finished.

Again, I invite you to visit the League to view this Round's entries and place your votes (this one is going to be another close one on my part). The variety and scope of subjects is great fun to follow.