Monday, May 26, 2014

My 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Entries to the Lead Painter's League

Viet Minh marching to Dien Bien Phu, 1954
So, a few folks have been asking me what's been going on with my participation in the Lead Painters' League (LPL). Well, as a recap, the League has been clipping along over the past ten weeks, with each week having the 40 entrants paired against one another for one-on-one matches. Points are won for a variety of things such as points for win/loss, point-spread within a match, submitting figures towards a stated theme, newly painted figures, etc. 

I've had a great time painting everything from goblins to panzergrenadiers but I soon realized that since our vacation landed right in the midst of the League I'd not have the time to submit new work for every round, so I've had to resort to 'retreading' some of my recent efforts.  So my apologies if this post seems a bit redundant in some spots but I thought I should try to wrap up what I'd started.

For the 6th round I drew upon my winter-themed French and Russians that I'd done for this year's Painting Challenge. Again, I really can't rave about these Perry figures enough - they're simply superb models.

For my 7th entry I sent in this group of 28mm Viet Minh from Red Star Miniatures which are excellent sculpts by Paul Hicks. I had read in Bernard Fall's 'Street Without Joy' that the French forces in Indochina greatly admired the Viet Minh expertise in camouflage, so I decided to tart up a couple of the models with some leaf camo on their helmets which I had snipped from the tips of aquarium plants.

For the 8th round I submitted a group of post-apocalyptic Soviet die-'ards that, again, I had done for the Challenge. These are very characterful Lead Adventure sculpts by the very talented 'Ratnik'.

My 9th entry was an homage to Alan Furst's excellent series of WWII noir-espionage novels. I know, it's kinda a lame entry but I do like these models from Mark Copplestone - they're such a blast to paint.

So there you have it, we're pretty much caught up on my entries for the LPL. There's just one more round to go and I'll post up that final entry next week when the League concludes. Thanks for visiting!