Sunday, April 27, 2014

Entry #5 to the 8th Lead Painters' League - 'Boudicca FTW!'

We're now at the midpoint of the Painters' League and for this round the theme was Ancient history. I've had these figures from Warlord Games for years and thought it a good occasion to get them out of their packaging and done up.

I decided to do something akin to the great illustration of a Briton chariot team by the greatly missed Angus McBride.

I know Warlord produces a great set which models this specific scene but I wanted something a bit different, perhaps a little more ferocious. So with that in mind I pulled a charioteer from another boxed set to depict a 'show off' charioteer. The figure was originally designed to have a sword and shield in his hands but I decided to reposition him as if we were hauling on the reins of the horse team. 

I first removed his sword and drilled out his fists so I could thread thin plastic rod through to simulate the reigns. I then slightly repositioned his arms and legs and pinned him into place. I think it worked out pretty well though I need to go back and give him some woad tattoos (I ran out of time before the submission deadline).

I really like the figures of the children running alongside the chariot team. I painted the dog in homage to our own little scamp Felix.

Felix plotting mischief...
These rather daunting Celtic ladies were fun to paint as well. Now, m'dear, that's a real close shave...

Unfortunately this entry did not win the match but it gave a good account of itself in the voting so I'm pleased.

Next week we leave on vacation and as we'll be away for the month of May I'm 'front-loading' my LPL entries and submitting the rest ahead of time. Some will be new work, while others, sadly, will be repurposed older stuff as I didn't have time to produce new figures for all the rounds. 

For this week's 6th submission, as I needed a few days to get my Indochina entry completed before we leave, I cobbled together my Winter Retreat figures with a few new additions. I know, these old chestnuts are getting a little care worn, but I really wanted to get something submitted otherwise they just randomly assign one of your previous entries for the new round which I think is even worse than digging something up from the 'lead archive'. So, I invite you to go check out this week's match and enjoy all the various entries from the 40 participants.