Sunday, December 30, 2012

From TimG: 6mm WWII Japanese Motorized Infantry (20 points)

Tim switches gears from his 54mm Tratvian project and sends us these WWII microscale Japanese.

From Tim:
(Slightly) in keeping with the theme are these WW2 Japanese. 

All 6mm (1/285 & 1/300) scale.  GHQ figures - mostly the old 'block' style and lorries.  The staff car is by Scotia.

Plenty more where they came from...
I'm usually not a big fan of GHQ's older 'block' infantry but I think Tim's done a great job with these.  (They look like they're at review in front of their vehicles.)

These five bases will give Tim 20 points.

From PeterD: 1:2400 British Carrier HMS 'Eagle' & 1:1200 Aircraft (25 points)

Peter actually sent in this submission early yesterday but the reason for the delay in getting them up is that his pictures looked like they were taken from a Japanese reconnaissance plane under heavy flak. Since we were getting together for a game last night (more on that later) I offered to take a few shots of them after a steadying shot of eggnog (and perhaps something else added, can't remember).

From Peter
This is HMS Eagle circa 1941, a GHQ 1:2400 scale model, with air cover provided by 10 1:1200 models from Cap Aero (Fairey Fulmars and Swordfish).  The Eagle was started as a Chilean super-dreadnaught.  Work stopped during WW1, but the incomplete hull was purchased by the Royal Navy and converted to a fleet carrier in the 1920s.  She served nobly in the Med during WW2 until sunk by a U-boat on the Pedestal convoy of 1942 that saved Malta during its darkest hours.

I've painted Eagle in a camouflage pattern based on pictures off the interweb.  These all showed her starboard side, so I had to wing it on the port side.  The Cap Aero models are mounted two to a base to represent a flight of aircraft with florist's wire supports.  When I get around to the float plane scouts I will mount those one to a base.  The Cap Aero models are beautiful but fiddly, especially the bi-planes which need their top wings glued on.   There are 3 bases of Swordfish and 2 of Fulmars for a total of 10.
Excellent stuff Peter! While the carrier is great I really like the aircraft bases and the you did a super job on the aircraft themselves. 

I'm going to give Peter 25 points for this lot. 

From MilesR: 28mm American Civil War Confederate Infantry (120 points)

From Miles:
I suppose I should let you know the contest has performed a minor miracle here on the Maryland Eastern Shore - my wife has taken an interest in my hobby and has been urging me to keep painting.  I'm sure there is some hidden and nefarious reason for this behavior, but I'll take it it while I can.  So without further ado, please let me introduce to you and for the first time with spousal approval, the 2nd Maryland Regiment   The 2nd Maryland was part of Steuarts Brigade In Johnson's division and saw action in the fighting for Culps Hill.
The figures are the new Perry Plastic confederate infantry and I have to say these are the best plastic figures I've ever come across.  Each box has 44 figures (40 infantry and 4 command) and there are lots of hat options.  As you can see, there's another regiment that has just started the painting process so hopefully I'll have another regiment to submit in a few days.
Excellent stuff Miles! In regards to your better half, I'd wait for the other shoe to drop (or the 6 pair that she just bought 'on a sale that could not be denied').

These two dozen Rebs will give Miles a very nice 120 points which will place him back in the lead position in the total points standings. Good job!

From TamsinP: 15mm Thirty Years War Croats (96 points)

It appears to be the day for Croats - who knew. Here is a very colourful unit of TYW Croat cavalry from Tamsin.

Take it away Tamsin:

Here's my second entry for the Challenge - the Croats.
After my rather sober Ronin with his muted browns, I present a rather more colourful bunch of hooligans for your entertainment. These are Croat/Hungarian/Cossack light horsemen for use with my 30 Years War armies, based for FoG:R. The figures are 15mm Donnington Miniatures.

Although there are only 24 of them, it took me 3 days to paint them (admittedly probably only 4 hours per day), but the lack of uniformity and amount of details to paint was time consuming. It was only when I was taking the photos that I spotted that the mix of figures in each "regiment" had become a bit skewed - at least each group has at least one of each rider type!

Wow, yes, they certainly are a cacophony of colour - excellent job Tamsin.

These lads will give Tamsin a very tidy 96 points. Well done!

From SebG: 15mm Thirty Years War Scots under French Command (42 points)

Seb sends in this great TYW unit  of irascible Scots in French service.

From Seb:
This is my third entry: The Royal Scots, under French command. 
Indeed, during the Thirty Years War, many Scots, previously fighting for the Swedes, fought for the French after they entered officially the war. Most of them were veterans so were really appreciated. Those 20 minis are 15mm from Old Glory (including the dead one, from their ECW range). 

They're based for FOG-R, as a 6 bases pike and shot unit. Flags are from Flags of war. For the record, I had started painting them in September over bare metal, but lost interest. When I decided to join the comp, I gave them a Detoll bath, and then primed them in white.
Very nice work Seb. 

These 20 figures will give Seb a base of 40 point but I'm adding a couple more for the standards.

From Millsy: ECW Regimental Command Stands for Talbot, Northhampton, Apsley and Rupert (52 points)

Another submission from the painting desk at Chez Millsy…
Some command stands for my 28mm ECW force this time. These are Bicorne and Renegade miniatures and represent colonel’s colour parties from the regiments of Talbot, Northampton, Apsley and Rupert. Talbot’s colour (above) is actually the first captain’s colour (the colonel’s colour is pretty plain by comparison). 

I love both the Bicorne and Renegade miniatures but if I had to choose it would be Bicorne. It’s the same sculptor but the Bicorne are just a bit more varied and elaborately dressed. As ZZ Top so eloquently explained, “Women go crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.” Next up from me some Spanish and British Napoleonics in 28mm.

Again, another lovely set of ECW command stands from Millsy.

These eight figures will give him a base of 40 points but I'll award another 12 for the four standards and the effort put into the groundwork, so 52 total. 

From BenG: 20mm Napoleonic French Casualty, Napoleonic Croates & 20mm WWII Soviets (44 points)

From Ben:

Here's the latest from my workbench: More 20mm Soviets and some Napoleonic infantry.

The Napoleonic morale marker (above) is another one from the Schilling range, to be used with the the battalions I'm making. 

The mortar and crew are by PSC and the AA machine gunner and observer are from Crusader (I think).

I'm only claiming 4 of the HaT 4e/1e Provisional Croatian Regt. for the Challenge, as I'd painted the elites and a couple of the marching poses before I entered.

Excellent work Ben. It's great to see one of the more unusual Napoleonic formations - that Croatian uniform is quite nice with the green jacket, yellow/red facings and white waistcoat. 

This selection of figures will give Ben 44 points.