Monday, February 11, 2013

From SamuliS: 28mm Napoleonic 1st Royal Scots (165 points)

From Samuli:
Well I'm back from my alpine holiday more or less intact eventhough I had some minor disagreements with an avalanche over my chosen snowboarding lines. Work and Uni have kept me quite busy in the last couple of weeks so I only managed to finish these guys now. 
A battalion of british infantry for Waterloo in the form of the 1st Royal Scots. This bunch is a mix of Victrix and Perry figures and I don't think there is a single guy who is made completely from parts of one manufacturer. I'm pretty happy about the interchangability of these plastics as it makes it pretty easy to add variety to your units. 
Painted with Vallejo paints and finished with Army Painter basing stuff. The flags are from GMB designs. Gotta love those things, eventhough they are quite big for 28mm. At least I can spot my units during the game easily.
Probably should clean up my minis better before rushing them to the photo booth. Quite a few of them seem to have static grass stuck onto them :)

That is a lovely looking battalion Samuli, well done! I've glued my fingers together assembling a couple Victrix battalions in the past so I applaud you for taking the effort to mix and match between the Victrix and Perry boxed sets. The additional work has paid off in providing a wonderful assortment of poses to entertain the eye.

The Royal Scots will give Samuli 165 points. Again, well done!

From ChrisP: 28mm ACW Federal Infantry & Mounted Cavalry (236 points)

From Chris:
First this time we have some American Civil War units, ready for a massive Gettysburg refight later in the year.
These units mark the start of me trying to recreate the Union 1st Corps, 1st Division, but I might expand that to the whole 1st Corps! Depends how excited I get. Which given that these two units were actually enjoyable to paint, that wouldn't suprise me.
The first unit represents the 14th Brooklyn, and is made from Perry plastics. Those among you who (like me) know enough about some units of the Civil War will notice that the uniform is more or less wrong for the 14th Brooklyn. Yes they were in a different uniform, but it wasn't the Zouave kit like these chaps had. I had to convert all of their hats from a fez to a kepi (which was a long and annoying process of cutting too much, or too little. Needless to say there are a few lobotomized Zouave heads lying around now from my failed attempts! Boy, that is way better in context. Anyway, the uniform should be chasseur trousers and a less ornate jacket. If I feel up to it, I will look at redoing them, but for now I am happy with these.
The second unit is the far more normal 76th New York. Straight Perry plastics, the only change is that I modified the standard bearer to use the Zouave banner, not the normal one. I figured given I am going to be assembling quite a few of these, any variation is good.
No flags yet, because I want to get the flags right. If anyone has some good tips on where to get good ACW flags, put it into the comments, I want to know!
Last is two bases of skirmishers, nothing really to say about them!
Then on to the second part of the entry. I converted up some US Infantry suitable to engage some Cowboys in the Wild West, but someone suggested that I might like some mounted guys to make sure I could rob a train! So here are the six cavalry I converted to do just that. All have been modified in some way, the three with pistols or sabres have all had head swaps to match the infantry, but the three with rifles had to have an arm removed to allow the rifle arms from the Infantry box to be attached. With no small amount of green stuff involved to make it look natural! But, as it stands my favourite is the one chap taking a rifle shot from a stationary horse, optimistically I would expect!

I really like those 6-figure bases of Federals - they look very impressive and substantial.

The cavalry figures are great, now you just need to make up a train like Dave for them to chase down and rob! 

This group of Yankess will give Chris 236 points allowing him to meet his personal challenge goal for points. Well done!

From Ian: 28mm WWII Sniper Markers & 6mm French Napoleonic Hussars (65 points)

From Ian:
First up three of the last four bases of Sniper Reminders the last one will wait for more urban fun.
First two Japanese bases, one with a MMG the other a knee mortar with two crew. All three are the last models from the Warlord box, I have a pair of spare heads if anyone needs any.

The other is a Russian Blacktree sculpt, as you can see loads of detail.

Next up is changing down a scale or two. Here I have five regiments of French Napoleonic Hussars, all 6mm Baccus. This completes my French Hussars for the time being, though I need to replace the Irregular at some point. These are (front to back left to right) 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th and 10th Hussars. After York, ASL and the Superbowl all in the same day I was unable to paint for three days, though I did a bit of basing work. Thursday was the first day I could grip a brush well enough to control it so the Hussars were done through three sessions between Thursday and Saturday morning. Based up over Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and the break did me good as I was really into painting these.

Now back to the WSS for Matt. The last two regiments of infantry and a start on his cavalry. I have some of my own 6mm sitting waiting final prep and these will follow on once these are done but I also have eight bases of command of my own that I will do in breaks between Matt's stuff.
The 28s are very good but I particularly like seeing your 6mm work. The ragged lines of charging hussars is really effective on the large bases and so is the layered groundwork - very nice.

These 28s and 6s will give Ian 65 points. Well done!