Friday, December 7, 2012

We Have Our 47 - The 3rd Annual Painting Challenge Begins in 13 Days

C'mon y'all, let's do this thang...
Well, the title says it all. 

Like the 47 Ronin who assaulted Kira's stronghold in 1703, we have the same number now preparing for 2013's Painting Challenge

Schweet! This is going to be great time.

For their eternal edification, below you will find the Challenge Roster which lists all of this year's participants, along with their associated blogs.
Challenger (Nationality)
1.       AndrewS (UK)
2.       BenG (Australia)
3.       BurkhardS (Germany)
4.       CarsonG (Canada)
5.       ChristopherS (USA via Germany)
6.       ChrisP (New Zealand)
7.    MichaelM
8.       DaveD (UK)
9.       DaveR (USA)
10.   DavidL (USA)
11.   FranL (Ireland via UK)
12.   GregB (Canada)
13.   IanH (UK)
14.   IanW (UK)
15.   IannickM (Canada)
16.   JaccoK (Netherlands)
17.   JamesB (UK)
18.   JohnB (Canada)
19.   JohnM (Newfoundland via USA)
20.   JuanM (Spain)
21.   KaweWZ (Germany)
22.   KevinH (Canada)
23.   KevinS (Australia via USA)
24.   KevH (UK)
25.   MarkB (USA)
26.   MichaelA (UK)
27.   MichaelF (Netherlands)
28.   MikeP (Canada)
29.   MilesR (USA)
30.   NicolasC (France via Canada)
31.   PeterD (Canada)
32.   PhilB (UK)
33.   PhilH (UK)
34.   RayR (UK)
35.   RobP (Netherlands)
36.   RossM (UK)
37.   SamuliS (Finland)
38.   SebastienG (France via UK)
39.   ScottB (New Zealand)
40.   ScottS (UK)
41.   SidneyR (UK)
42.   MikeW 
43.   StefanoS (Italy)
44.   SteveM (USA)
45.   SylvainR (Canada)
46.   TamsinP (UK)
47.   TimG (UK)
As the Challenge progresses this roster will be featured on the main page sidebar with each painter's points tally to-date.

So, over the next few months I encourage you all to come back, see all the fabulous painted figures, and give encouragement to the Brush-Ronin who will be furiously working on their individual projects.

'Okay, just give up this Ray character and we'll leave without a fuss...'