Monday, March 4, 2024

Harkonnen Ornithopter

Umm. Sire, I think we can confirm Wormsign...

Late Friday night Lady Sarah and I went to the late night premier of Dune II which we very much enjoyed. Wow, what a feast for the eyes and ears! Epic sci-fi at its best.

I've been quite taken by the design of the ornithopers over the past two movies. I love how menacingly instectoid they look. Without giving anything away, I can safely say that the their perceived lethality has nothing but increased in the recent film. Two words: Overwatch Fire - Yikes.

I found this great ornithopter model by Hardware Studios on MyMiniFactory and had it printing while we were at the movie (I know. Such. A. Geek.). Originally designed for 6mm, I nudged the scale up a touch to fit more in-line with my Legions Imperialis stuff (for a non STC pattern - clutches pearls!). 

I typically struggle with vehicles, but this little beast was fairly straightforward. I wanted to keep it pretty dark and basic with just panel highlighting and a touch of metallic here and there. I mounted it on a magnetic ball and gimbal flight stand so it can be tilted and posed (with the suitable ornithoptery noises). It was a fun model to work on.


- Curt