Saturday, December 22, 2012

From JamesB: 28mm F&IW Woodland Indians (60 points)

James sends in this great group of Woodland Indians from the French & Indian Wars.

From James:

These 12 figures are mostly from Redoubt Miniatures I have been painting French Indian Wars stuff for over a year now and love the period. I chose these to do first for two reasons, first a shamless attempt to gain extra points by showing figures from a war that played a huge part in forming Curts country :) second any of these FIW figures I get done before boxing day I can drop off with my Dad.

Excellent stuff James! I really like what you've achieved with the skin tones - very nice work.

This war party will give James 60 points to put on the board. 

From MichaelA: 28mm British Camel Corps & 7lb Screw Gun with Crew (45 points)

Michael sends in this lovely detachment of 28mm Victorian soldiery.

From Michael:
After what feels like two days of non stop painting I've finally completed my first entry!  All from the Perry brothers' Sudan range, we have three members of the dismounted Camel Corps supporting a 7lb Screw gun and crew.  Delighted to get my first points on the board before the Christmas break.

You can almost smell the axle grease, sweat and gunpowder (and perhaps a wafting scent of qabili palao and chutney?).

Beautiful work Michael. These lads with their 'door-knocker' will give you 45 points, officially marking your entry on the points roster. Well done.

Cooking the Challenge Books

I've been wringing my hands, mulling over the score system for a few months now, wanting to make sure it is as fair as possible between the various scales. Since the Challenge announcement some folks have commented that the scoring for 6mm models may be too generous in comparison to the larger scales. I didn't want to hastily change anything, but having myself just finished some 6mm and 3mm (!) projects I now agree with that assessment. 

So, with the sweeping power of a (benevolent) despot I'm adjusting the scoring thus:
6mm foot figure = 0.5 point
6mm mounted figure, artillery piece, crew served weapon = 1 point
6mm vehicle = 2 points 
10mm foot figure = 1 point
10mm mounted figure, artillery piece, crew served weapon = 2 points
10mm vehicle = 3 points
To me this seems to jive better in relation with the other scales.

I'll adjust the scoring page accordingly. For those to whom I have already published their  6mm / 1:285 scale submissions (i.e. Seb) I will of course honour those points.

The Ministry of Truth thanks you for your attention to this matter.

Now, back to your benches - I want to see blood between brush and finger! Drummer pick up the pace! Flank Speed!

From AndrewS: 15mm WWII German Prime Mover & 18mm Napoleonic Polish Artillery Battery (88 points)

Andrew sends in two different periods: one Napoleonic in 18mm and the other from the Second World War in 15mm.

From Andrew:
I have been burning some midnight oil and completed a couple of items for my 1st entries into the challenge.
The first item is a 15mm Battlefront sdk250/9 recovery truck and driver. The size of this took me by surprise requiring a base half as long again as my Tiger, the main reason for adding this to my DAK force. The painting of this has completed my DAK tank company.

The next items were found recently when I was clearing out my drawers and hidey holes. I have painted 4 pieces of 18mm Napoleonic Polish artillery with crews. They are all from AB miniatures. These were due to be additions to my Saxon corp in 18mm but as I am venturing back into 28's they are no longer required but needed to fund new 28's.

Very nice work, Andrew. I especially like that battery of Polish guns. Those AB sculpts are so nice and you've really done them justice.

I'm going to count the 18mm AB's as 20mm for scoring. So, 88 points in total.